A Break Through Element Increases Lithium Batteries Capacity By 400%

  • The Global Lithium-Ion Battery Market is Expected to Explode to $115 Billion By 2030.2
  • Prices of lithium carbonate, fueled by battery demand, are currently up 401% year-on-year and 320% since the beginning of this year.3
  • Palladium’s price soared when it found a new home in cars catalytic converters, it’s now more precious than gold. Could Tellurium be next? 4

Every Metal Has Its Day

Tellurium is still a relatively unknown metal that seems to have found a new and lucrative home, Lithium–Tellurium batteries, one could expect both demand and price for this rare metal to skyrocket.

The research team at The University of Texas at Austin has found adding a layer of Tellurium on top of the lithium metal inside the battery extends the battery’s lifespan by 400%.1

Current Lithium-ion Battery Technology Not Making The Grade

Since Sony Corporation released the first rechargeable lithium-ion battery in 1991 scientists have been trying to overcome their shortcomings, and improve their performance:

  1. Lithium-ion batteries are fragile and require circuitry to stop them from overcharging and exploding, causing many fires and deaths.
  2. Besides this major safety concern, current Lithium-ion batteries degrade quickly and last only two to three years after manufacturing.
  3. They are sensitive to high temperatures and if the battery is completely discharged, it can no longer be recharged.
  4. Also, if the “separator” gets damaged, it can burst into flames.5

Big Names Are Feeling The Drain

No industry using Lithium-ion batteries is immune to their safety hazards.6,7,8

In August 2021, General Motors announced that it was recalling 142,000 Chevy Bolts — every Bolt ever made — because of fire risk.

Hyundai Motor’s recall of their Kona EV cars due to safety concerns cost them $854 million.

The Samsung recall of their Galaxy 7 cell phone cost the company $5.3 billion due to their tendency to explode and cause fires.

But Now There Appears to Be a Solution.

Recent scientific breakthroughs have discovered that the addition of a rare metal called Tellurium overcomes the current limitations of today’s Lithium-based battery technology.

Tellurium (Te) is to Lithium what Lithium was to batteries, a GAME CHANGER.  

“The demand for Tellurium has never been greater.” 9

John Keller, P.GEO

University of British Columbia Okanagan engineering students Peter Zhao and Huibing examine the component of a tiny Lithium-Tellurium battery along with assistant professor Jian Liu (right).

Jian Liu, a researcher at The University of British Columbia explained the inclusion of Tellurium could improve safety since current liquid electrolytes in standard lithium-ion batteries are flammable.9

“Due to its high density, Tellurium provides a much higher volumetric capacity than other materials.” 5

Jian Liu, UBC

Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research has demonstrated that electrodes made from Tellurium can improve the energy storage and power output of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.10

A Tellurium First for North America

Tellurium is a rare metal often sourced as a by-product of copper with the largest global supplier being China. Now, however, there is a company in North America solely focused on its recovery, First Tellurium Corp. (CSE:FTEL, OTC:GODYF).

First Tellurium is uniquely positioned to benefit from this scientific breakthrough as it is one of the only companies in the world purely dedicated to Tellurium exploration with their two resource-rich Tellurium projects:

  • The Klondike Tellurium-silver-gold property in Sagauche County, Colorado
  • and the polymetallic Deer Horn Property in BC, Canada.

Its Klondike project would be the very first dedicated Tellurium mine in the U.S… and the second in production world-over.11

What The Experts Are Saying:

Industry professionals rave about First Tellurium’s projects.

Mr. John Keller, a veteran geologist with 23 years of experience in the minerals exploration and mining industry as an exploration geologist and exploration manager, originally assessed the Klondike project in late 2006. Keller stated:

“The Klondike property has by far the highest Tellurium grades in rock samples of the hundreds of prospects and mines I examined in the US and Canada from 2006 to 2011… Some samples at Klondike were an order of magnitude higher in “Te” grade than any others we collected in the U.S. or Canada. 9

Then, there is Mr. Jim Guilinger whose exploration and development experience spans more than 20 years involving various investigations consulting projects for Tellurium throughout the USA and the World. He states:

“Having spent a great deal of my life exploring and reporting on Tellurium, including a worldwide Tellurium resource and market review, I am most impressed with the properties held by First Tellurium.” 12

First Tellurium Strategically Positioned to Benefit from President Biden’s Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Bill

Biden Executive Order will put battery materials at heart of US climate technology ‘leadership’. 13

In a response to The Bill’s passage, Biden said:

“We will get America off the sidelines on manufacturing solar panels, wind farms, batteries, and electric vehicles to grow these supply chains, reward companies for paying good wages and for sourcing their materials from here in the United States.” 14

A substantial part of the Biden Infrastructure Bill is to further develop a local supply of raw materials and rely less on imports from countries like China.

“As we take action to tackle the climate crisis, we know that will lead to a large demand for new energy technologies like electric vehicle batteries. By identifying supply chain risks, we can meet the President’s commitment to accelerate U.S. leadership of clean energy technologies” 15

Only First Tellurium Corp. (CSE:FTEL, OTC:GODYF) Is Solely Focused On This New Bonanza

6 Reasons to take a closer look:

  1. Demand for Tellurium has never been higher with the potential to revolutionize energy storage
  2. As reported in an earlier article, Tellurium is also at the heart of a breakthrough that could fuel one of mankind’s most sensational advances in solar technologies.
  3. They are the only dedicated exploration company focused on Tellurium in North America
  4. First Tellurium has some of the richest Tellurium assets ever surveyed
  5. Recently onboarded multiple industry experts and crucially backed with by an accomplished CEO
  6. First Tellurium has successfully completed multiple financing rounds

Can Tellurium Lithium-ion Batteries Save the World

Governments globally are looking to lower their carbon footprint and become less reliant on fossil fuels. The shift is to green renewable energy. Solar, wind and wave technologies are a focus. Once these technologies generate the power it still needs to be stored and current battery technology is not keeping pace.

Electric Vehicles EV are leading the charge for a greener environment but are still hampered by charging times and driving distances.  Global EV sales increased 80% in 2021 as automakers including Ford, GM commit to zero emissions. 15

Many of these global initiatives would be well served by a safer battery that stores more power, and lasts up to 4 times longer. Many think the solution is a Tellurium Lithium-ion battery.

With an increased life, quicker charging and more power, it’s possible that new battery technology augmented with the addition of Tellurium could be what leads the way to a safer cleaner planet.

FIRST TELLURIUM CORP. (CSE:FTEL, OTC:GODYF) could be at the right place, at the right time, and is definitely worth a closer look.

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