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Cosmetics Giant CoverGirl Jumps Aboard Vegan Skincare Bandwagon


One of the most legendary names in the beauty business has finally gone and produced its very own line of skincare products – and it is 100% vegan. In what is seen as a tactical move to get a foothold into the billion-dollar skincare industry, CoverGirl recently unveiled Clean Fresh Skincare, a five-product collection that is entirely plant-based and cruelty-free.

Each product in the Clean Fresh Skincare line is made with all-natural ingredients that not only nourish the skin but also improve its texture and appearance. Some key ingredients include immunity-boosting Vitamin C, soothing rosewater, hydrating cactus extract, as well as meadowfoam seed oil. As a result, these products were given a seal of approval by the animal protection group Cruelty-Free International who also issued the relevant certification.

CoverGirl has actually been cruelty-free since 2018 and all its products thus far carry the Proudly Leaping Bunny certification.

According to Andrew Stanley, executive vice-president for North American operations at CoverGirl’s parent company Coty, the iconic makeup brand’s heritage has long been peppered with products that are beneficial to the skin, so this foray into the skincare industry is seen as the right way forward for it. 

Likewise, company experts have noted that today’s consumers are more skin-aware and environmentally conscious, thus the need to see sustainability and compassion for animals in the ingredients and processes involved in the production of their favorite products.

The Clean Fresh line includes a hydrating cleansing cream, a water-based priming mist, a correcting cream for dry skin, a weightless water cream, and an oil-free moisturizer that produces a matte finish. 

Not the first, but certainly not the last

Clean Fresh Skincare has the distinction of being CoverGirl’s second vegan product line. 

Previously, it offered an all-vegan four-product cosmetic collection also under the Clean Fresh label not too long after it was given its cruelty-free certification. 

CoverGirl takes pride in the fact that these products do not use animal-derived ingredients like carmine pigment and beeswax.

The brand has made it a point to ensure that its production facilities all adhere to cruelty-free standards and has already abandoned the use of animal testing. This move actually resulted in CoverGirl’s full withdrawal of its products from the Chinese market as a way of avoiding animal testing.

CoverGirl’s push into vegan territory is seen as a reflection of the current market trend of pushing for more plant-based products in the name of sustainability, and the brand is now part of the global vegan beauty market – an industry whose net worth may soar to around $20.6 billion by 2026.

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