Earthraiser Set to Become World’s First Vegan Superhero


If a new Kickstarter campaign gets the traction it needs, we may soon have the world’s first vegan superhero.

Vegan activist and renowned bodybuilder Patrik Baboumian has proposed a video game concept for development called Earthraiser: Gaia’s Wish as a way to, in his words, give a voice to the voiceless. The titular character works to defend and liberate animals of all species.

The game will also highlight the experiences of actual human and animal rights activists over the decades to show that the greatest superpower anyone can aspire to have is compassion for others.

Earthraiser: Gaia�s Wish is the story of Wolf Winter, a fallen soldier, who is transformed by a child’s heartfelt wish into a guardian spirit dedicated to protecting all animals from the cruelty of man and punishing those who deliver harm to both animals and people. In the process of transformation, he attains the ability to feel the suffering of animals as well as the power to communicate with them. Earthraiser is aided in his quest by Gaia, the little girl whose wish transformed him, while the evil Dr. Z, Geist serves as the game�s primary antagonist.

A Story to Inspire Others

Baboumian has been a vegan for over a decade and believes that his game can help change the prevailing mindset regarding the suffering of animals either raised for human consumption or hunted down for pelts or sport. In a statement made to the press, the former strongman expressed hopes that the character of Earthraiser could inspire others to protect nature and become more empathetic to other people and animals.

Certainly, the game means to entertain players of all ages. However, it is also expected that one’s immersion in the rich world of Earthraiser: Gaia�s Wish could help a player see the world from a different angle and to be an active part of the necessary change to protect the environment.

At the moment, Baboumian and his fellow creators have set a goal of $271,000 (�250,000) which would enable them to create a playable demo with a 30-minute running time that they could eventually turn into a feature-length RPG for several platforms, including PC, XBOX, and PlayStation.

The fund-raising page for the game currently shows a teaser trailer that tells the viewer that they are the Earthraiser and their mission is to protect all life on Earth.