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ELLE Magazine Shuns Fur For Good


Fur is no longer considered an essential element for style. This is according to many of the world’s leading fashion brands, individual icons, and publications – and ELLE is the latest to slap a ban on the material.

The magazine will no longer feature fur products in its print and digital editions. The ban covers editorial features, official ELLE social media accounts, print, and digital advertising, and its coverage of various fashion-centric events.

The move is seen as the magazine’s proactive response to how younger readers and consumers are actively refusing to wear fur and how many of the world’s leading brands are phasing out the use of the material in their products.

Taking Changing Mindsets Into Consideration

According to Valeria Bessolo Lopez, ELLE’s senior vice-president and international director, the magazine sees it as an opportunity for increasing awareness regarding animal welfare, sustainability, and a more compassionate fashion scene. 

Indeed, Bessolo Lopez opines that Gen Z readers and consumers want their style to reflect a more ethical stance, one that is innovative and accords great respect for the environment.

In doing so, ELLE has become the first fashion magazine to actively ban the promotion of fur products and the fur trade in general. It is the publication’s hope that it will be instrumental in finally making global fashion cruelty-free.

Spreading the Word Across the World

As of January first, all twenty of ELLE’s international editions have already implemented the ban, barring editorial spreads, photoshoots, and ads where fur takes center stage.

The ban has also been extended to the publication’s 41 international offices and is seen as a challenge to fashion’s biggest players to stop using fur permanently, particularly for the luxury and haute couture markets.

At present, the magazine’s print reach includes 21 million readers worldwide, with a distribution of 6.6 million copies monthly. Online, ELLE easily boasts of almost 400 million page hits daily.

Not the First, But Certainly Not the Last

ELLE is the latest fashion institution to turn its back on the fur trade. 

Last year, the legendary maison Saint Laurent declared that it would no longer use fur in any of its future collections and purged fur products out of its existing product line. 

Likewise, several fashion giants have joined the ranks of the Fur-Free Alliance, an organization geared towards ending the global fur industry. Those that recently joined include the House of Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, Neiman Marcus, Alexander McQueen, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

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