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Eminem’s New Restaurant is Surprisingly Friendly…to Vegans


Grammy Award-winning rapper Eminem may not strike people as the friendliest guy on the block with his brash demeanor and no-holds-barred style. But Mom’s Spaghetti, his new restaurant along Detroit’s Woodward Avenue, is surprisingly inclusive. The menu has something for everybody – carnivores and vegans alike.

A collaborative effort between the rapper and the Union Joints Restaurant Group, the restaurant is currently meant to be a takeaway-only shop given the current situation. 

Just the way Mom used to make It

The simple, no-frills menu at Mom’s Spaghetti features large portions of pasta cooked al dente topped with a marinara sauce that, while not exactly authentically Italian, has a rich, tomatoey tang and plenty of homey flavors. 

While classic meatballs made with beef were still an overwhelming favorite, those looking to eat healthier or prefer plant-based alternatives were not disappointed with the vegan meatball option offered. The vegan option is made with a mixture of black beans and quinoa for texture and sweet peppers for flavor.

According to Mom’s Spaghetti co-owner Curt Catallo, nostalgia is what has helped boost the eatery’s appeal. The team takes pride in a sauce made from scratch that calls to mind the latchkey-kid spaghetti many people grew up eating, as well as their technique of wok-firing the noodles to make them more toothsome to the bite.

All pasta orders are served with a generous slice of garlic bread, but for those looking for a more substantial carb-on-carb fix, Mom’s Spaghetti also offers a S’ghetti Sandwich. Here, one’s choice of regular or vegan spaghetti is sandwiched between two thick slices of garlic bread and molten white cheese.

The rapper himself was on hand on opening day, doing some of the cooking himself and serving boxed meals to a long line of curious and hungry fans and customers.

Lose yourself in the goodness

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because it’s named after a popular lyric from “Lose Yourself,” the hit song that was part of the soundtrack to Eminem’s semi-autobiographical film 8 Mile and the first hip-hop tune to win the Academy Award for best original song in 2003.

This isn’t the first time that Eminem has delved into the food and beverage industry. Back in 2017, the rapper played up the idea of using a pop-up restaurant to promote his album Revival. Surprisingly, the concept actually worked – for both the album and the general idea of Eminem as a competent restaurateur.

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