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GE Renewable Energy Takes on Second Wind Turbines Order from Indian Firm


Indian renewable power company JSW Energy formally announced that it had inked a new contract with GE Renewable Energy about the purchase of 810mW wind turbines.

This is the second bumper order for wind turbines that GE has received from JSW Energy and is part of the latter’s ongoing construction of renewable energy generation facilities throughout India, which aims to generate 2.5gW of wind energy.

This second contract with GE is another step towards the Indian energy generation firm’s mammoth targets of reducing its carbon footprint by 50 percent by 2030 and becoming completely carbon neutral through the use of renewable power sources and more sustainable generation practices by 2050. 

JSW Energy’s present target is to hit a generation capacity of 20gW by 2030, increasing its industrial contribution to 85 percent, a considerable jump from its current 30 percent.

According to formal statements issued by the company and its technical partner, GE is set to deliver the turbines by the second quarter of next year. These will be used to generate enough green and sustainable energy for the annual power needs of over 1.1 million households throughout the Indian sub-continent.

At present, JSW Energy is implementing around 2gW of wind farms in various parts of India and is also in the process of building more. From its end, GE will also be responsible for developing training materials and implementation solutions that will give its client’s work teams more experience with regard to the long-term operation and maintenance of these facilities.

It is expected that this phase of development will be completed by early 2023.

“We are proud to partner with GE, a high-tech industrial company, to contribute to India’s renewable energy goals,” JSW Energy CEO Prashant Jain said regarding the company’s ongoing partnership with the global firm. 

Jain said that the facility currently rising in Tamil Nadu is his company’s first-ever large-scale wind-driven power initiative. GE plays an integral role in attaining its goals in terms of its transition to renewable energy and industrial growth.

The JSW Energy / GE Renewable Energy contract is one of many ongoing initiatives geared towards helping India make a long-term shift towards using more sustainable power sources and generation practices. Indeed, many Indian power companies are focused on decarbonization and coming up with more sustainable solutions for the delivery of 24/7 power, even to the country’s most remote areas. 

Just last month, the country marked an achievement as its capacity for installed renewable energy hit 100gW. This puts India in fourth place globally with regard to its capacity for renewable energy.

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