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Hadean to Develop Cloud Simulation Tech for British Military


Tech company Hadean recently inked its first-ever commitment with a military client through a Pathfinder agreement with the British Army to develop a cloud-based training simulator.

The agreement is seen as a precursor to the further introduction and use of cloud-based computing by the British Ministry of Defense (MOD), specifically its Defense Synthetic Environment Platform and its Collective Training Transformation Program. In addition, this partnership will emphasize how important strategic partnerships are regarding military innovation and transformation for the United Kingdom.

According to Craig Beddis, chief executive officer of Hadean, the agreement marks a key milestone for the company through its valuable contribution to the British Army’s plans to expand its collective training capacity. Beddis added that his company would be able to supply the military with the necessary computing power to conduct hybrid training to push for improvements in the army’s overall combat performance.

For his part, Mike Cooper of the MOD hopes that the working relationship with Hadean will enable the military to make the most of new technologies and that introducing a Synthetic Environment Platform will lead to relevant innovation in the field of training.

The involved parties are set to start the system’s development by the end of summer 2022 and have it ready for deployment by spring next year. 

Valuable Technologies

The initiative is set to use Hadean’s Web 3.0 technology and blend various technologies already in use for digital simulation training.

2D and 2D imaging and live, virtual, and constructive elements will be merged to create a single fully-immersive simulation. The resulting program will be capable of running bigger and more complex land warfare scenarios for both virtual users and remotely located physical trainees without compromising image and playback quality and challenge complexity.

Digital assets and entities for deployment in training scenarios will be created with Bohemia Interactive’s VBS4 system while data for live simulations will be derived from several leading defense training organizations.

Any and all outcomes from this initiative will support the MOD’s objectives for multi-domain integration, thus enabling the British Army to consider more complex modes of collective training by giving those training online the ability to engage combat crews in different live environments throughout the world in simulated combat.

The training program will be supplemented further with an Independent Technical Evaluation to validate each simulation’s findings to determine areas for future development.

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