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IBM Reimagines Partner Engagement with New Program


In a bid to fuel growth for both current and new partners, tech leader IBM recently launched IBM Partner Plus, a program that essentially rethinks how the company engages with its business partners.

Designed with everyone from resellers and independent software vendors to tech providers and systems integrators, IBM Partner Plus offers partners extensive access to digital resources, customer incentives, as well as tailored support geared towards improving their technical expertise, thus speeding development-to-market time.

The new program is one of the core aspects of IBM’s Hybrid Cloud and AI strategy and seeks to empower its partners to assist their clients in terms of automation, security, and business modernization.

How Does IBM Partner Plus Work?

Offering a simple, above-board, and up-to-date experience to partners, IBM Program Plus enables them to grow their technical expertise and sales success. Growth then pushes those in the program into three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. 

Depending on the tier one reaches, users can unlock specialized financial incentives, as well as benefits for education and market support. Here, badging is the standardized measure of user skills, while expertise will be seen through validated solutions.

Likewise, the enhanced program portal will consolidate and track each partner’s expertise, deals, and revenues on a global scale, giving them a clear and unimpeded view of their progress.

A New Way to Deliver Value

According to Kate Woolley, general manager of the IBM Ecosystem, IBM Partner Plus is a new way by which the company can deliver value to its partners, enabling them to learn more, earn more, and ensure their organization’s rapid growth. She added that the program was the result of feedback from partners who wanted a simplified experience that would enable them to succeed with client initiatives.

Woolley likewise expressed her confidence that this revamped program as well as IBM’s long-term investment into its ecosystem will make it the partner of choice throughout the sector and drive growth not just for the company, but for its clients and partners, as well.

By putting its partners at the heart of its go-to-market strategy and serving as an agent of growth set to grab opportunities in the now $1 trillion hybrid cloud and AI market, IBM elevates the role of its partners, drives up partner-led sales, and offers clients the best possible blend of tech, services, and shared expertise.

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