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Israeli Government Backs Cell-Cultured Meat To Fight Climate Crisis


Israel has opened its country with cell-cultured meat after Israeli President Isaaz Herzog and his cabinet ministers announced its importance to the climate crisis. In addition, Israel’s government officials approved the alternative protein as an innovative way of dealing with the climate crisis.

Israel welcomes alternative protein as a climate crisis solution

President Isaaz Hertzog has announced to his people that Israel is opening its arms to producing alternative protein in line with its National Climate Strategy. The news came before the United Nations summit, COP26 in Glasgow, that plans a strategy to fight off climate breakdown. 

The President has tasted cultivated meat products of Future Meat in Jerusalem, along with government ministers Karine Elharrar and Tamar Zandberg.

President Hertzog plans to share Israel’s comprehensive solution on climate breakdown at the UN summit in Glasgow and offer innovative alternatives to animal protein. He explained that he is proud of the country’s climate innovation and development that he wanted to share the news at a big convention like the UN summit. 

He also claimed that he was the first president to sample the alternative protein delicacy, and it was so delicious. Some people have also dubbed the new alternative as the end to factory farming.

Cell-cultured meat as an alternative to animal protein?

Since the past year of the COVID-19 pandemic, global climate breakdown has been reported. Therefore, Israel has come to light by sharing this brilliant alternative to animal meat. 

According to Israel’s environmental protection minister, Tamar Zandberg, it is crucial to look for the best solutions to the global climate problem amidst the pandemic. 

The minister also added that it was his first time eating chicken for the past seven years, and it happened to be cultivated. He also said that this solution would contribute to Israel’s ongoing climate issue and allow a global solution.

The Good Food Institute was pleased with the government official’s response to the meat. The managing director of Good Food Institute Nir Goldstein has said that it wasn’t a surprise that food technology and alternative protein were Israel’s main focus in the UN summit in Glasgow. After all, this technology is the country’s strong point in fighting the climate crisis in Israel.

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