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It’s Official: Bentley to Go Electric-Only in 2030


It’s one of the most iconic British luxury automakers, and one best known for some of the most powerful 12-cylinder engines in the global car industry. But now, British luxury car manufacturer Bentley is set to do a 180-degree turn from fossil fuels into renewable power with its goal of becoming all-electric by the end of the current decade.

Bentley recently announced plans to invest nearly $3.4 billion to convert facilities at its sole plant in Crewe, England for the production of electric vehicles (EVs). Aside from being more sustainable in terms of production, the move also means that the company will be able to save its 4,000 employees from losing their jobs.

At present, the Crewe facility produces three of the automaker’s gas-powered signature models: the legendary Bentayga, the Continental, and the Flying Spur. The company has since announced, however, that the production of all three vehicles will come to a permanent halt in 2026.

A Necessary Shift

According to Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark, the company isn’t just gunning to set the standard for the luxury car industry or even to amp its own credentials when it comes to sustainability. Indeed, the full conversion of its facilities is a milestone moment for both the company and the United Kingdom in terms of looking forward to a more sustainable future. 

Hallmark added that he hopes the initiative will also make Bentley more financially resilient and recession-proof.

As of the end of 2021, British automakers marked their lowest level since 1984. On a positive note, however, eco-savvy British motorists purchased 15,000 EVs in the past year – something that automakers are taking keen notice of.

Adhering to the Beyond 100 Strategy

The company’s announcement of its impending shift to electric battery powertrains is actually part of the Beyond 100 sustainability strategy it originally announced back in November 2020 as part of its centennial.

Considered a game-changer by industry watchers, the Beyond 100 strategy is aimed towards achieving climate-positive production practices that are completely carbon-neutral end to end by 2030.

By reinventing the core aspects of their production, Bentley expects to gain industry leadership in terms of sustainable mobility. In which case, it aims to set a benchmark for the global luxury auto segment by providing vehicles that are not only sustainable but also adhere to the same strict standards for quality that put the company on the map over 100 years ago.

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