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Korean EV Charger Maker to Create NACS Compatible Products


Right on the heels of American carmakers Ford and General Motors, both of whom recently adopted electric vehicle (EV) giant Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS,) South Korean EV charger manufacturer SK Signet announced that it would expand its product line with items that are compatible with the standard.

SK Signet officials made the announcement last June 15th.

Part of the South Korean conglomerate SK Group, SK Signet recently began the development of NACS-compliant ultra-fast chargers. Officials say that a fully-compliant product may make its way into the market later this year, making the technology more accessible to a greater number of EV owners.

Nevertheless, the company will continue to offer other common standards for EV charging, including Combined Charging System (CCS), CHAdeMo, as well as the Megawatt Charging System.

Apart from SK Signet, several EV charger makers have also begun their acceptance of the Tesla-developed NACS as the primary EV charging standard in the United States. This is probably because they may lose customers if they continue to offer only the standard CCS which is the default for most EV makers.

Prior to the announcement the US government recently announced that EV charging stations offering Tesla plugs would be qualified to receive billions in federal subsidies if they included CCS connectivity. Likewise, the government also seeks to deploy chargers in the thousands as these are necessary for the mainstream adoption of EVs.

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