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Microsoft Previews ChatGPT as Part of Azure OpenAI


Developers working on a variety of enterprise development and end-user apps may soon integrate ChatGPT’s AI large language model into their work as Microsoft makes it available as a component for applications under its Azure Open AI Service.

At present, several Azure users have begun to use the integrated model. These currently include Office Depot and Office Max’s parent company ODP Corporation, the Smart Nation Digital Government Office in Singapore, and Icertis, a contract management software provider.

Those currently using the Azure OpenAI Service for application development can utilize the ChatGPT model to add numerous features such as automatic claims processing, personalized advertising, and even recapping call center conversations.

Beyond Azure, Microsoft is already using a number of generative AI platforms in a number of its products. For example, generative AI is used to create chapters in conversations initiated via the premium version of the company’s collaborative platform Teams. It can also be used to generate recaps whenever necessary automatically.

Likewise, Viva Sales users can use generative AI to get data-driven guidance to improve email content with which to reach out to customers.

A More Ethical Application of AI

Interestingly, Microsoft’s use of generative AI in this context carries an emphasis on using such technologies responsibly.

Bern Elliot, vice-president and analyst at Gartner, explains that this is because the company has always taken the responsible use of AI seriously. Indeed, Microsoft has long been keen on the ethical use of technology, especially where enterprise clients’ privacy and systemic integrity are concerned.

Elliot added that Microsoft has apparently learned its lesson following an awkward and somewhat disturbing incident wherein an earlier chatbot deployed as a front end to its Bing search engine appeared to be flirting with a reporter with the New York Times. It went so far as to incite him to commit adultery.

This incident underscores a number of concerns regarding the use of any form of AI on the enterprise level, specifically data protection and the contextualization of data.

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