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Myanmar, Russia Ink Nuclear Agreement


Developing nation Myanmar is set to cooperate with the Russian government with regard to the use of nuclear energy for peaceful and progressive endeavors. The two nations formally signed a cooperative agreement during the opening of Myanmar’s Nuclear Technology Information Center in Yangon on Monday, February 6th, 2023.

The said agreement is also seen as the beginning of a new chapter in diplomatic and commercial relations between Myanmar and Russia which has gone on for 75 years as of this year.

This new agreement between the two nations is the end result of a series of memoranda of understanding signed over the past year. These delineated their cooperation in terms of training, and skills development in the field of nuclear energy, as well as shaping positive public opinion and general optimism regarding the implementation of nuclear technologies in the country.

What Does the Agreement Entail?

The agreement will involve both nations working on the use of nuclear technologies in at least fourteen key socioeconomic areas. Likewise, provisions will be made regarding the training of a domestic work team who will take charge of the construction and eventual operation of Myanmar’s first small modular reactor (SMR.)

Indeed, as the country’s Prime Minister and chair of the State Administration Council Senior General Min Aung Hlaing put it, the agreement will not only lead to the development of small nuclear power plants but also the more widespread use of nuclear technology in various sectors to improve Myanmar’s socio-economic standing.

A Beneficial Thing for a Developing Nation

For his part, Alexey Likhachov, director general of Russian nuclear power firm Rosatom, expressed his appreciation for Myanmar’s preference for his country’s nuclear expertise. At the signing, he stated that the addition of the nuclear industry to the country’s roster will certainly prove beneficial to its power sector, heavy industry, and its economy in general. 

Likhachov added that nuclear power generation will lead to the production of a steady and reliable supply of clean and sustainable power at a reasonable price. Likewise, the introduction of nuclear technology will also lead to further developments in the natural sciences, education, and the training of nuclear specialists.

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