New quantum leap in video production software could change marketing forever.

This Microcap is Making Targeted, Personalized Videos the New Gold Standard in Marketing

  • One tiny software company —has developed software that can create marketing videos quickly, affordably, and so easily, a new video is as few as three clicks away.
  • The tech works for the giants of industry as well — with IBM, Proctor & Gamble, and Disney already clients. They’re saving millions in video production costs with this up-and-coming companies technology.
  • The last software company with a similar revolutionary design product jumped over 1,900% in eight years. Working in the more complex and lucrative video format, this innovative company could do even better.
  • The company currently has no competitors remotely capable of the same feats. That’s why some of the biggest names in commerce are interested in inking deals.

In the 2002 Spielberg sci-fi movie Minority Report, we see the future of marketing.

There is one scene in a shopping area, and as consumers pass by screens, each one lights up with a personally tailored message. Some are based on shopping history, or behavioral analysis. Some use patterns invisible to us.

Nearly all call out the consumer by their name, immediately grabbing attention.

Targeted marketing was the future in 2002, but we’ve seen it in action for a few years at this point. Every time Facebook gives you an ad with a local deal, or Amazon suggests a product you were just about to search for, you’ve witnessed targeted marketing.

But we haven’t seen to this point is targeted video marketing — or personalized videos.

Thanks to the software developed by this up-and-coming company that’s about to change.

And with the combination of targeted marketing, video marketing, and personalized marketing, the entire advertising industry will change with it.

This company is ushering in a new era of marketing — one that is so easy and affordable, every small business can use it.

And, thanks to this revolutionary technology, the savings on video production costs is so profound, even a media giant like Disney has signed up to use it.

More on that in a moment.

First — why should this simple-seeming innovation create such a seismic event?

Why Democratizing Video Marketing Will Vastly Improve Vendor Results

Simply put, this company is providing a service that the data indicates the marketing industry needs.

Consider this:

  • 66% of people would rather watch a video about a product than read text
  • 78% of businesses agree that video increases traffic
  • 83% of marketers find that video increases both sales and leads
  • 44% of people are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video

Those numbers compound. When you can increase eyeballs, and leads, while simultaneously increasing conversions, you’ve hit the trifecta of marketing.

That’s why every company that can afford video marketing is transitioning to it quickly.

But traditionally, video is a costly, time-consuming process.

You generally need several professionals on staff — at the least, to handle video editing of stock footage… but up to and including staffing an entire sound stage or location shoot.

That’s not something the average Mom and Pop outfit can afford.

But any business can afford $10.

That’s the most it costs to use this revolutionary software to create a professional video from one of their templates. That even includes stock video footage from iStock.

If a business wants to make more videos — say, create a different one for each holiday sale, or to push out a new product, or to create an individual video for each product in their lineup, potentially increasing sales 44% overnight — well, the cost per video goes down from $10. Affordable for anyone.

And so easy to use, a template video can be created with as few as three clicks of the mouse.

If a company wants to create much more involved videos — either customizing templates or creating entirely new formats — this company offers a Video Editor subscription for only $599 a year.

That’s a lot less than it would cost to hire your own video editor.

It also is one of the keys to success for this company going forward — as we’ll see in a moment.

But before looking at why this business model can work so well in the creative space, remember that this company has one more trick up its sleeve.

Everyone’s Favorite Person is Themself!

There is no substitute for personalized content. And, with this easy-to-use software, it’s exceptionally easy to create.

You can put a prospect’s name in a video.

You can send out videos selling shoelaces to anyone that bought laced shoes from you in the past five years.

You can send personalized birthday greetings, with discount codes, to leads on their birthday.

Just about any data a company collects about a prospect can be used to tailor-make a video that appeals to them, or solves a problem you know they are currently facing. This is the Holy Grail of marketing. And, while targeted marketing gets you part of the way…

This companies’ customizable videos are the first instance of targeting with this kind of precision, over video.

It is, truly, a revolutionary product.

Customization and personalization are what set this company apart

There is no question that personalization and the creation of focused, targeted content is the future of video.

That means a video targeted to a mass audience is going to have less and less value.

Customers want videos that are created and delivered to meet the needs of a very specific audience, wherever and whenever they are.

This platform helps users create professional looking video in minutes, using a simple and very versatile tool with an intuitive and straightforward user interface.

Users can either use a template or start from scratch, with the option to add any of the millions of royalty-free images or video clips available.

And this company also has another compelling benefit…

They are the only pure play video production platform stock

There is no other pure play public company that operates at the junction of the massive cloud computing and digital video revolutions. In fact, video editing and production is a small (though growing) segment of their suite of design products.

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