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New Solar Facility in British Midlands May Soon Power 8,000 Homes


Currently rising in Leicestershire, a solar panel installation spanning six fields is expected to generate enough electrical power for at least 8,000 homes annually within the immediate vicinity.

Located at Hill Farm, a location near the towns of Earl Shilton and Thurlaston, the facility will involve the use of around 47,000 solar panels occupying at least 36 hectares of adjacent land. 

The Blaby District Council is said to have approved the plans for its development as of Monday, July 3rd. Council members cited how the solar facility’s benefits to the environment far outweigh the possibility that the panels could cause visual harm or be considered an eyesore.

Indeed, the planting of wildflowers, hedges, and trees in the area immediately surrounding the facility will help rejuvenate the land and improve soil quality – a development that will prove a boon to the local agricultural community.

According to the site owner, any income generated by the facility’s operations will ensure the financial viability of the area.

It is expected that Hill Farm Solar Ltd will be running the initiative beginning the day it produces its first round of electricity.

As such, site construction is expected to take at least 28 weeks or seven months. The developer gave the local council the assurance that any construction traffic will be kept to main roads, leaving narrower country lanes open for residents.

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