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Nomad Go AI Brings a Sustainable Solution to Reduce Building Emissions


As climate change continues to be a volatile topic, particularly where heavy industries and even modern housing are concerned, a new form of artificial intelligence may help considerably reduce carbon emissions from commercial structures.

AI development company Nomad Go recently announced the creation of an advanced vision sensor that will help detect the presence of people within a commercial space before switching on mechanisms for heating, cooling, and ventilation.

A Smarter Way to Warm or Cool Commercial Spaces

NoMadGo was specifically created to help reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency in the commercial real estate sector.  It operates using IMX500 computer vision technology to detect whether or not people are present within a commercial space. 

Then, based on data generated by its systems as to how many warm bodies are in the room, it activates ventilation mechanisms within the space along with either heating or cooling systems. 

The AI component of the system quickly learns how to react to several factors within the space. For example, it figures out how much ambient light or sunlight it gets within a day, how frequently housekeeping or maintenance personnel come in the evenings, and even how many people occupy it within the standard operating hours of a business. 

Information gleaned through the system thus optimizes energy use within the space. It ensures that temperature-control mechanisms are used more efficiently and adjusted according to the stated factors.

Developed with the support of the Co-Innovation Lab, a joint initiative of Microsoft and Sony, the system is expected to reduce emissions from physical spaces by up to 30 percent and further reduce the carbon footprint of urban areas.

A Need to Rethink

Nomad Go’s new tech is seen as a step in the right direction as well as a way of refocusing on which fields or aspects of modern living need to be revamped to mitigate the impact of climate change.

“Neither transportation nor [heavy] industry are the number one emitters of greenhouse gases,” says Nomad Go CEO David Greschler. “It’s buildings.”

Greschler and his team cited a report from the United Nations Environment Program, which stated that commercial buildings produced 39 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions worldwide, giving them one of the largest carbon footprints of any sector.

According to Mark Hanson, Sony semiconductor Solutions America’s vice-president for technology and business innovation, Nomad Go’s innovative AI solution is an idea whose time has come.

“[It] is substantially less expensive, small, inconspicuous, and uses lower power,” Hanson said.

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