Is This The “Warren Buffett of Mining”?

Find out how one man has made fortunes in the mining space (including orchestrating buyouts of $139 million and $520 million )...

And how he hopes to do it again with his latest deal.

You may have never heard of him…

But Shawn Ryan has quietly made multiple billion-dollar-plus discoveries with his prospecting prowess.

We’re talking about discoveries that led to buyouts totaling $139 million… Or $520 million

He’s like a “Warren Buffett of mining”.  And like Buffett, he comes from humble beginnings. In fact, Ryan first refined his resource-hunting skills as a mushroom forager in the high north.

Since then, he’s discovered billions of dollars worth of gold and silver.

He’s also with helping trigger the biggest klondike gold rush in over 100 years.1

And his successes have made national headlines in the New York Times, Popular Mechanics and CBS’ 60 Minutes:

  • The New York Times named him the “King of a New Yukon Gold Rush”.2
  • Popular Mechanics calls him “The World’s Most Successful Prospector”.3
  • And CBS’ 60 Minutes says, “Shawn Ryan has become the biggest gold prospector in the Yukon.”4

Today, he’s considered the best in the business at what he does.

Ryan has generated hundreds of millions in value for the companies he’s worked with.

Listen, Ryan’s track record speaks for itself. It’s almost like he has a crystal ball – a “sixth sense” for finding valuable mineral deposits.

Without a doubt this is the kind of jockey you want to bet on…

Teaming Up With Shawn Ryan To Find His Next Big Discovery

A small lithium explorer just struck a deal with Shawn Ryan to acquire a land package in the prolific James Bay lithium district of Quebec, Canada.

The new properties are being called the Chabinoche Project and they consist of a 100%-interest in 97,927 acres of potentially lithium-rich land.

To put the size of this project in perspective, it equates to over 153 square miles of real estate… a swath of land larger than the entire city of Detroit.

It’s also almost twice as much land as the nearby Corvette Property, that has been drawing a lot of attention lately.

The enormity of the project positions this explorer one of the largest interest holders in the area.

In fact, when it comes to land…

They offer perhaps the best bang-for-the-buck around.

With a market cap of approximately $18 million5, and over 97,000 acres, you’re getting prime lithium real estate for a mere $183 per acre.

To compare, the Corvette Property is only 52,774 acres but the company has market cap of $1.08 billion6.

Of course, the Chabinoche property is still very early-stage while Corvette is much further along its exploration journey.

But with greater risk comes greater potential rewards… and this new lithium player has a secret weapon in Shawn Ryan, a man that’s been called “The World’s Best Prospector”.

Could the Chabinoche Project Be Shawn Ryan’s Next Big Discovery?

Ryan’s track record for making rich discoveries speaks for itself.

With Chabinoche, he thinks he’s sitting on something that’s extremely compelling.  Why?

Because he’s used the same tactics to stake these claims as he did when finding his massive gold deposits.

His early analysis shows these claims cover some of the highest lithium lake sediment anomalies in central Quebec, with most values exceeding the 97% percentile and 40% exceeding the 99%+ range.

The project also straddles Poncheville lake, which has over 100 pegmatite dykes mapped along its shores – another highly prospective sign.

You see, while lithium can be found in various parts of the world, the James Bay region of Quebec is special because it’s home to what are called “pegmatite intrusions”.

Pegmatite intrusions are rock formations that could potentially hold a treasure trove of mineral wealth.

They have a knack for storing high amounts of valuable lithium-bearing minerals like lepidolite, petalite, and spodumene – some of the most coveted types of lithium for high-end battery makers.

So, what that means is when you find “pegmatite intrusions”, it’s a sign you’re on the right track to striking lithium.

And speaking of potentially striking lithium…

The Best Place to Find a Lithium Mine is Next to an Existing One

You’ve probably heard the saying, “if you’re looking for elephants, go to elephant country”.

Well, the same rings true for finding lithium.

The Chabinoche Project is a “geological stone’s throw” from some of the richest lithium discoveries in the world:

  • The Whabouchi Project: 6 million tons at 1.3% Li2O7
  • The James Bay Project: 2 million tons at 1.3% Li2O8
  • And the Rose Project: 3 million tons at 0.87% Li2O9

Also nearby is North America’s only .

Aptly named the North American Lithium Complex, the mine started operations this past March and is expected to produce 120,000 tonnes of hard rock lithium spodumene this year… a prize worth over $637 million.10

Once in full swing, production is expected to hit 226,000 tonnes per year with sales generating upwards of $1.3 billion annually.11

The Lithium Boom Is Just Getting Started…

Ford thinks 40% of global vehicle volume could be fully electric by 2030.i

Investment banking firm UBS projects electric vehicles (EVs) could account for upwards of 50% of all global new cars sales in the next nine yearsii.

And advisory firm Deloitte estimates that by 2030, over 31 million electric vehicles will be sold annually – a ten-fold increaseiii from 2020.

The number of batteries that will be required to meet 2030 demand is equivalent to the entire amount of power produced by the Hoover Dam for an entire year. 12

It’s the equivalent of needing to bring online SIXTEEN new Salar de Atacama mines.  Salar de Atacama is the largest lithium producing mine in Chile (which may also soon be nationalized given the recent government announcement).13

Or put another way, it’s more lithium than was produced across the entire globe for the past 30 years… combined.14

Listen, this the biggest transformation of the auto industry since Henry Ford invented the moving assembly line in 1913.

It’s a $2.7 trillion revolution15 – and if you play it right, it could be one of the largest, most tremendous opportunities of the century.

Another Reason to Consider This Opportunity…

Let me share with you another little tidbit…

You see, not only are they a keenly positioned lithium exploration company. But the company’s share structure is notably tighter than other lithium exploration companies.

The company has only 13.2 million shares outstanding (as of April 30, 2023)16.

Think of shares outstanding as supply in the market. The fewer shares on offer, the tighter the supply – and that’s very favorable.

Consider this…

  • The explorer just acquired a significant land package in the heart of one of the world’s top lithium districts.
  • The claims cover some of the highest lithium lake sediment anomalies in central Quebec…
  • And the project is near some of the largest lithium deposits in North America…

More importantly, the company just partnered with “The World’s Best Prospector”, Shawn Ryan, who has discovered billions of dollars worth of mineral deposits before.

Ryan’s track record is noteworthy. Remember, he’s carried mining companies to buyouts of $139 million… and $520 million before.

What to do now…

Demand will likely outstrip supply for years to come. That’s why now could be the very best time to dig into your research.

Sign up with your email address to learn more about this fast-growing company and the opportunity that their new lithium project in the prolific James Bay region presents.


5 As of May 16, 2023 according to Yahoo Finance (ticker: AXVEF)
12 The Hoover Dam produces 4 billion kilowatt hours of hydroelectric power each year. ( This is the same as 4 terawatt hours. According to Benchmark Minerals, global battery production is set to reach 4TWh in 2030 (
15 15


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