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SaaS Developer Pinata Closes $10 Million Funding Round


Software as a service (SaaS) development company Pinata recently announced that it has closed its latest Series A funding round. Meant to augment the growth of the company’s workforce optimization platform, Pinata was able to raise $10 million to drive its mission to manage, measure, and maximize frontline workforces.

The funds raised during this Series A round are set for utilization in accelerated product development and the further expansion of Pinata’s current suite of workflow solutions.

The said funding round was led by firms M13 and Bullpen Capital, together with several of Pinata’s seed investors. In addition, M13 partner and head of data strategy Rob Olson and Bullpen Capital general partner Ann Lai will become part of Pinata’s board of directors, joining Yext COO Marc Ferrentino, WorkForce Software CEO Mike Morini, ButterflyMX CEO Aaron Rudenstine, as well as Pinata co-founder Josh Wand who is also the current CEO of Force Brands.

A Timely Infusion

The Series A funding round comes at a time when Pinata is set to revolutionize the way office work is done at scale. Since its inception, the enterprise-level SaaS developer has offered its clients systemic task management solutions that are meant to enhance standards and governance compliance, efficiency, and overall performance in the modern workplace, especially on the frontlines.

According to company CEO Ian Ferguson, frontline work is everywhere and is always mission critical. However, it does tend to cost companies a great deal, and often tends to be a logistical challenge due to its completely untraceable nature. In many cases, the farther workplaces are from their corporate headquarters, there is an increased risk of wastage in terms of power, resources, and even work hours for both management and employees.

In which case, Pinata solutions have proven themselves a boon to numerous companies as it enables individuals and teams to work on their tasks without losing sight of the big picture. These solutions can be used to deploy large-scale field teams to collect data from locally done marketing campaigns, eliminate workplace bottlenecks, and enable companies to improve their organization workflows with simplicity, structure, and insight.

Today, Pinata solutions are used in a diverse range of industries and by practically everyone from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. For the most part, the company offers SaaS solutions for centralized operational command centers for retail, construction, warehousing, the food and beverage sector, as well as large-scale events management companies.

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