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Shift to EVs Seen as Potential Lifesaver


While the eventual replacement of fossil fuel-dependent vehicles is seen as a good thing for the health of the environment, a recent report from the American Lung Association shows that it could also help save human lives and reduce the occurrence of premature deaths caused by environmentally-induced respiratory issues.

Compelling Evidence

In the report Driving to Clean Air: Health Benefits of Zero-Emission Cars and Electricity released on Wednesday, June 7th, the number of such deaths for nearly 90,000 Americans could drop considerably by 2050 at the rate that EV technologies are being adopted. 

At present, approximately 120 million Americans, particularly those belonging to the low-income brackets and many people of color, live in areas with unhealthy air and substantial amounts of environmental pollutants.

Indeed, the overall shift to clean, non-combustion-generated power would result in a reduction of asthma attacks by around 2.2 million, as well as 10.7 million less in sick days. This will result in around $978 billion in terms of public health benefits.

According to the report’s chief author, ALA national senior director for clean air William Barrett, transportation has long been the primary contributor to carbon pollution in the United States and one of the key factors that have led to climate issues across the globe. 

Such pollution has long been known as detrimental to human health as prolonged exposure leads to the development of numerous chronic diseases like asthma, cardiac issues, and Alzheimer’s disease on top of an increased risk for premature death.

Benefits for All

Barrett likewise cited how vital shifting to emission-free technologies is for the world, as well as the United States. 

He also pointed out the need to pinpoint specific policies, investments, and incentives that would enable communities regardless of their social standing to enjoy the full benefits of the shift, particularly improvements in health thanks to greener transportation.

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