Tiny Company Makes Breakthrough NanoTechnology That Repels Even The Strongest Superbugs


Discover how this cutting-edge nanotechnology is revolutionizing the way we safeguard against harmful pathogens.

In the following report, you’ll discover why the antimicrobial coating industry has the potential to be one of the fastest growing markets of the decade…

You’ll see why one company could be on the brink of the most extraordinary disruption…

And how this company has the potential to transform not one, not two, but SEVEN multi-billion-dollar industries.

Listen, what you’re about to learn has the potential to be one of the most significant opportunities of our generation.

This company has a groundbreaking solution to limit the spread of pathogens – a product that repels viruses and bacteria, keeping surfaces clean and safe.

The patent-pending repel technology has been featured on major news and media outlets such as CNN Health, CBC, and Science Daily. 

In fact, they’re raving about it:

  • CNN Health says, “Researchers have developed a self-cleaning plastic wrap that repels bacteria and could be used to prevent the transfer of antibiotic resistant superbugs, and other forms of dangerous bacteria.”
  • CBC proclaims “Scientists engineer self-cleaning surface that can repel dangerous bacteria”
  • And Science Daily reports This company technology is a “self-cleaning surface that repels even the deadliest superbugs.”[1]

Industry experts think it could even be “a line of defense against emerging pathogens, including future threats we have not yet seen.“[2]

How to Position Yourself in the Antimicrobial Surface Coating Revolution

This innovative company is developing nanotechnology with unique repelling properties that prevents adhesion of bacteria, viruses and liquids – physically preventing pathogens from attaching.

The technology was discovered by scientists at McMaster University. It’s been detailed in several academic journals. And it’s backed by 12 patent applications worldwide.

This company lead product, REPELWRAP™, utilizes this technology.  REPELWRAP™ is a protective surface coating film that can be applied to nearly any type of surface and provides instant protection from pathogen transmission.

Inspired by water-resistant lotus leaves, it was created using a combination of nanoscale surface engineering and chemistry modifications.

The technology consists of microscopic wrinkles 1,000 times smaller than a human hair to create a nanostructure which almost any material bounces off of when it comes in contact with its surface.

Germs simply can’t attach to REPELWRAP™. Like water on a non-stick pan, illness-causing microbes simply slide off it. It’s a breakthrough the industry has never seen before.

Why You Want To Get Behind This Technology Today

REPELWRAP™ is a revolutionary pathogen-repellent technology that surpasses anything else on the market today.

You see, one of the biggest problems with conventional antimicrobial coatings is that they allow viruses, microbes, and fungi to attach to surfaces. By allowing them to attach, pathogens can be passed on to unsuspecting individuals when they touch an infected surface.

For instance, consider a competitive product which incorporates silver ions into the surface.  These ions gradually disrupt the pathogen’s cellular function before killing it.  But it can take up to two hours to destroy microbes like E. Coli and MRSA.

Similarly, another competitor offers antimicrobial additives that work by releasing active agents like silver or copper.  These agents also damage and deactivate microorganisms – but it takes even longer – up to 24 hours to effectively negate all microbes.[3]

Another advantage of This company technology is that it is flexible and adaptable

Unlike solid copper or silver solutions, REPELWRAP™ is a thin plastic film making it far more adaptable. It can be applied, wrapped, and shrunk around surfaces of different shapes, sizes and dimensions.  From curved door handles to flat countertops, REPELWRAP™ can fully coat an object to provide maximum protection.

It’s also cheaper to manufacture and easier to scale than metal counterparts, providing another big competitive edge.

The bottom line is that This company has a superior product compared to anything on the market today

When commercialized, it could address the urgent need for innovative solutions to help control the spread of pathogens on surfaces – especially in healthcare.

More Reasons To Get Behind This Nanotechnology

As the company continues its product development, we may see it used to protect surfaces in other high traffic places like the transportation, sports and entertainment, hospitality, and education sectors.

Take public transport for instance.

Millions of people use public transportation everyday – touching railings, handles and more. But how often do you see them being sanitized?

Then there’s education centers like schools and universities.

There are over 200,000 primary and secondary schools in North America, Europe, and Japan.[23] [24] [25]

Protecting high touch point areas such as desks and door handles, and preventing the transmission of pathogens in the education system could be a key focus.

And let’s not forget public places like stadiums, malls, restaurants and entertainment centers.

But, as mentioned above, the company does not yet have a commercial product…

The nanotechnology was licensed from McMaster University and the REPELWRAP™ film prototype has been tested successfully in in their labs. The next step is to create larger-sized prototypes of its REPELWRAP™ film for testing.

To do that, the company has partnered with engineering experts Dunmore International, Corp., a Steel Partners Holdings L.P. (NYSE:SPLP) company

The engagement of the Dunmore team is the first step on its path towards commercialization and an important milestone for the company.  

Dunmore will use their expertise to assess and create an initial automated manufacturing process for larger-sized prototypes for testing.  If successful, it will position the company to potentially begin commercial scale-up

Five Reasons To Do Your Research Today:

  • Revolutionary, First-of-its-Kind technology:
    REPELWRAP is a game-changing product that addresses the pressing need for effective infection control. With its unparalleled ability to repel pathogens instantly, this innovative technology is poised to disrupt the industry and become a new standard for cleanliness and safety.
  • Expansive, Multi-Billion-Dollar Market Potential:
    The demand for effective infection control measures is only increasing. This technology has the potential to be adopted across numerous high-traffic public settings, including healthcare facilities, public transportation, schools, and offices. The sheer size and diversity of the target market present a tremendous growth opportunity.
  • Timely and Relevant:
    In an era where public health and safety concerns are at an all-time high, this technology addresses the needs of consumers and businesses alike, making it an attractive and relevant opportunity.
  • Competitive Advantage:
    REPELWRAP technology stands out from the competition, offering faster and more effective pathogen protection than other solutions.
  • Scalable Business Model:
    This company’s adaptable and scalable business model allows for rapid expansion into various markets, increasing the potential return as the company grows and diversifies its offerings.




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