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Vegans Can Meet Their Match on a Veg-Friendly New App


Making meaningful connections with fellow vegans is the name of the game with a new dating app that is expected to grab the attention of the plant-based community.

Launched last year, Vegpal is gearing up to become the perfect way for vegans and vegetarians to find like-minded people with whom they can build relationships.

Founded by vegan activist Dahlia Eisenberg, the app enables those living a plant-based lifestyle to find people who share their values and preferences – something which has been a challenge for those using more conventional dating applications.

Anyone But an Omnivore

According to Eisenberg, Vegpal stemmed from her own frustration with conventional dating apps where she would be matched with omnivores. The notion of swiping through photos of those on fishing or hunting trips or, in her words, “eating carcasses” at a restaurant was a major turn-off for her.

Indeed, a Zava Med survey conducted in Europe and the United States discovered that 70% of singletons opted to go to a restaurant for a first date, but this proved to be a dealbreaker for many people who have opted to go plant-based. 

Further proof of this is a recent SpeedDater survey that noted that 27% of vegans or vegetarians going on dating apps claim that their partners’ eating habits often spelled the end of their relationships.  Indeed, going plant-based was more than just a dietary choice but a personal philosophy.

An Inclusive Platform for Quality Connections

Another thing that makes Vegpal different from conventional dating apps is its incorporation of inclusivity into its user experience, opening its doors to people of all genders or sexual orientations. It keeps sexual harassment at bay, particularly for women and members of the LGBTQ+ community who have faced bullying or unwanted advances from the people they match with on apps.

In fact, in keeping with its goal of becoming an ethical player in the dating apps industry, Vegpal’s developers included a mini-application process that users need to fill up once they’ve downloaded the app. It’s the platform’s way of weeding out scammers and trolls, creating a safe space where members can interact.

Vegpal also serves as a platform to kickstart conversations regarding shared interests among its members. Its My Feed feature enables users to express their individual views and show off their unique personalities without censure, something that has been lacking from more commonly used social media networks like Facebook.

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