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VMWare Introduces Managed Cloud Services Line


VMWare’s latest line of managed services is expected to help its highly-skilled partners to expand their practices in the field.

Developed with making the process of building managed services faster for clients and easier to adapt to on the part of customers, VMWare Cross-Cloud Managed Services combines a number of prescriptive offers with enhanced partner/customer benefits to improve profitability for its partners and presents new opportunities for business growth and expansion.

The new line will also make it easier for partners to do business with VMWare as it includes a number of prescriptive solutions and incentives which accord greater flexibility as well as alignment with their go-to-market activities. In doing so, VMWare Cross-Cloud Managed Service Providers will be able to push for growth, boost profitability, and increase recurring services even as they bridge the talent and skills gap for current and potential customers.

Fuelling Business Evolution

According to Zia Yusuf, VMWare’s senior vice-president for strategic ecosystem and industry solutions, the company’s global ecosystem of Cross-Cloud Managed Services Providers is set to help customers evolve from chaotic cloud systems to more cloud-smart environments in order to get outcomes faster. 

Yusuf added that Cross-Cloud is another way by which VMWare empowers partner organizations in their bid to grow their VMWare businesses, as well as a way to assist those seeking to implement a transformative cloud-smart strategy.

What Does VMWare Offer via Cross-Cloud?

Cross-Cloud is made up of a number of prescriptive offers that target primary customer outcomes. These are supported by their close alignment with several go-to-market, sales, and support features. Partners can use these offers to build their own Validated Service Offerings for a variety of services.

Currently, VMWare Cross-Cloud has specific offers for Hybrid Cloud, as well as for Native Public Cloud and Modern Apps. The former essentially allows customers to reduce the total cost of ownership for on-premises environments while simplifying operations and reducing risk. Offers for Hybrid Cloud include managed service for private or sovereign cloud, as well as managed services for the public cloud. Partners build these services using VMWare Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or a new line of VMWare Cloud Packs.

On the other hand, the latter enables customers to automate a number of secure modern platform operations deployed on multiple clouds. It also enables users to achieve centralized governance to deliver improved cost controls. Offers for native public cloud and modern apps include managed service for centralized governance powered by VMWare Aria, managed services for cost optimization powered by VMWare Aria Cost and managed services for cloud-native app delivery powered by VMWare Tanzu.

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