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PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (OTCQB: VSBGF) (CSE: VSBY) (Frankfurt: 5VS) (“VSBLTY”), a leading software provider of AI-driven security and retail analytics technology, is pleased to outline the business initiatives for the balance of this year and next. Addressing the needs of the $900 Billion Security market as well as expanding its media networks in the $100 Billion retail marketplace, VSBLTY’s proprietary AI technology allows real time analysis of what various cameras “see” and proactively acts based on its analysis. In a security setting, the technology can assist situational awareness, identify both known past offenders and identify actual weapons and notify authorities in real-time. In a retail or public space, the software can deliver personalized and targeted advertisements, while creating anonymized data about customers’ viewing and purchase behaviors.

“Our AI-driven approach delivers quantifiable, real-world benefits in both retail environments and for crime prevention,” commented Jay Hutton, CEO of VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. “With our recent financing, we have the funds, the team, the experience and opportunities to create additional shareholder value as we further deploy systems for our clients through 2023 and 2024.”

The Retail Opportunity

The Company’s patented AI technology utilizes advanced facial detection and classification techniques to deliver real-time targeted advertising to in-store digital displays near product placement at the “moment of truth” or point of purchase (where over 80% of purchases are still made, in-store).

The system can identify both specific customers and types of customers (based on demographics such as age and gender) to deliver brand and customer specific messages that are completely anonymized. For example, the software will trigger brand advertisements targeting males or females, or a particular age group, based on the viewer’s profile. The software also has the capability to vary content based on the customer’s proximity to the display: attention-getting advertising from up to 30 feet away, building engagement at 10 feet away, and immersive brand messages at the point where the customer can interact with the display by touch or scanning a QR code.

The ability for brands to understand their customers’ behaviors in real-time retail environments through the Company’s AI-driven platform has proven to increase sales by over 25%. Customers get an enhanced retail experience while brands get key analytics based on the type of customer, when and where their products are being purchased. This information was never available before in real time in a retail environment until VSBLTY.

This capability revolutionizes the business model for brands and retailers, providing the ability to generate new multiple recurring revenue streams. Through partnerships with retailers, brands and other system partners we strive to quickly build cohesive, in-store retail media networks based on the same advertising sales metrics as online and other media channels.

The Security Opportunity

The need for proactive security systems has never been greater, with over 700 mass shootings in the United States alone, and VSBLTY has one of the solutions that could assist in saving lives.

By utilizing legacy CCTV and other cameras to create a protective perimeter around public spaces, the Company’s advanced AI system can recognize known offenders, track and report suspicious behavior, and recognize weapons at a distance to provide real-time alerts in a matter of milli-seconds. These systems can be applied in schools, places of worship, shopping malls, concerts, sports arenas, office buildings, airports, stadiums, amusement parks or anywhere there are large groups of people.

Through strategic partnerships, the Company’s technology platform has been deployed and tested in over 10,000 security cameras in Mexico. Over 3,700 of those cameras were installed in the Benito Juarez district of Mexico City and resulted in a direct 48% reduction in high-impact crimes such as violent assaults, robberies, and burglaries. This also had a very positive impact on the residents who ranked Benito Juarez as having the highest perception of safety in all of Mexico City and the second highest nationally.

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About VSBLTY (

Headquartered in Philadelphia, VSBLTY (OTCQB: VSBGF) (CSE: VSBY) (Frankfurt: 5VS) (OTC: VSBGF) (“VSBLTY”) is the world leader in Artificial Intelligence and real time interpretation of what a CCTV and other cameras see. By utilizing facial recognition, age and gender, VSBLTY’s proprietary technology can effectively enhance retail brand engagement and measurement through customized ads on in-store digital displays at point of purchase in real time. This technology has proven to increase brand sales by over 25%. The firm is also recognized for its leadership role in the growing “Store as a Medium” movement that enables brands to reach customers with paid media ads when and where buying decisions are being made while producing a new revenue stream for retailers.

Using its proprietary AI software, VSBLTY has also developed a range of security products that include not only facial recognition but weapon recognition utilizing modern surveillance cameras and legacy CCTV cameras. VSBLTY has the capability to create a proactive security system rather than a reactive security system, providing early warning of threats that can save lives.

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