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46% of the World Fed Up with Government Tech Services


Nearly half of the world is growing tired of the way government services are being deployed online.

Tech company Accenture released a report on Wednesday, October 12th, that showed the frustration many had over their government service experiences online. Indeed, an overwhelming majority of respondents surveyed in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States between March and April of this year wanted digital public services that were easier to use, more secure, and at least had some humanizing elements to it. 

One of the primary complaints presented in the report was that most online public services were characterized by overly long and poorly explained processes. 46% of those surveyed replied that they were willing to use digital technology concerning government services if instructions were presented in a clearer and more concise fashion and the processes themselves were not as tedious. 

Primary Concerns

Those surveyed also expressed concerns regarding how their governments were using their personal data. 

Many wanted authorities to look closely at how different agencies secured personal information and whether this was being used appropriately. Indeed, less than half of respondents say that they are confident that the government was putting their information to proper use.

Usability of information was another area of concern, with 53% of respondents saying that they would only share additional personal information if it led to more efficient public survey delivery.

Government workers were also surveyed regarding their perception of customer service, and this particular inquiry discovered that only a third of government workers worldwide received regular training regarding cybersecurity and data security.

The Way Forward

Based on the findings, Accenture executives feel that the simplification of online processes is the best way forward if governments are to succeed in digitizing many key processes involved in public service.

According to Accenture lead for global public sector customer engagement Eyal Darmon, if system users can get quick responses to their inquiries online or through phone-centric and in-person services, government workers will have more time to meaningfully respond to more complex concerns.

Using colloquial terms as opposed to technical or service-specific jargon is one of the solutions proposed, as it was noted that the use of everyday language made it easier for people to access the service and get the help that they needed.

About the concerns of government employees, Darmon added that there was a need for a continuous learning program wherein government workers could be regularly updated regarding developments in the field of cybersecurity. In doing so, people’s confidence in digital government services could be greatly boosted.

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