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9 Out of 10 IT Buyers Have Tech Their Systems Can’t Support


A recent report showing how an overwhelming 90% of companies find themselves buying technology their infrastructure can’t support was recently released by data storage company Pure Storage in collaboration with Wakefield Research.

Titled IT Leader Insights: The State of IT Modernization, Priorities and Challenges Amid Economic Headwinds, the study was conducted to identify key obstacles faced by companies in a broad spectrum of industries with regard to coping with the digital economy, modernization, and prioritizing investments for business growth.

Based on findings gleaned from more than 500 IT buyers across the United States and Europe, the study revealed a need for companies to wean themselves from legacy infrastructure if they hope to enjoy the benefits of investing in emergent technologies.

Presenting the Findings

According to the study, over 50% of IT buyers are making AI and machine learning and investments in more sustainable technologies their chief priority for the next five years. Less than half of those surveyed are set to put their money into investment automation and orchestration.

However, 90% of all buyers surveyed complained that they feel pressured to buy technologies that are far beyond the capabilities of their current IT infrastructure. As a result, 74% of the companies participating in the study have failed to deploy new technologies within their organizations.

Despite this, an overwhelming 62% of buyers remain compelled to make ASAP decisions on tech buys based only on existing needs, as opposed to buying for the long term.

Challenges notwithstanding, practically all of those surveyed are set to modernize their existing IT infrastructure in order to improve support for next-generation technologies over a five-year period. These include upgrades to existing software and systems, but also enabling their organizations to properly adopt new technologies in critical areas like network and security, data management, and data center management.

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