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Adidas and Stella McCartney Co-Create Vegan Soccer Cleats


Major League Soccer, or MLS, playoffs are just around the corner, and what better way to welcome it than with a new offering of soccer cleats.

Adidas decided to launch a full vegan soccer shoe in partnership with fashion designer Stella McCartney and World Cup soccer superstar Paul Pogba. The sportswear giant released the limited edition shoes called Predator Freak earlier this month, aiming to showcase the new version of their signature Predator shoes. 

Meanwhile, Stella McCartney will ensure that the product attains the sustainability of the shoe. At the same time, the soccer star, who plays for Manchester United, will make sure that the shoes’  playing condition is preserved. 

Vegan, designed with the planet in mind

The collaboration by McCartney, Pogba, and Adidas aims to create a design with the planet in mind. They designed Adidas’s first-ever vegan boot by using part-recycled materials for sustainability.

The shoes released on November 1st are a gender-neutral, latest edition of the Predator Freaks P+ and are available in two styles. You can find it on the Adidas app. The shoes will feature a laceless design with a tight fitting for $325. The other version, called P1, is low-collared and cheaper at $215.

According to McCartney, Adidas brought her and Paul for an interview on The Huddle.  There they created the idea after hearing both of their common interests. She also added that Paul was very passionate about fashion and that it is a part of his everyday life. With that in mind, they made a design that will be portrayed on the shoe. 

This shoe has a very experimental design that features silhouettes, leopard accents, and protect Earth illustration. The Predator Freak also showcases sustainable Demonskin rubber spikes made from vegan materials. Adidas also emphasized that the spikes are made with computer algorithms that enhance the player’s control and swerve the ball. 

In a statement by Pogba, he said that this collaboration was extraordinary as he had been a fan of the designer’s works. He added that since the quarantine started, he missed playing football, so the project allowed him to combine his love for the sport and his passion for fashion. 

McCartney has been a pioneer in the cruelty-free fashion industry, which is evident since LVMH appointed her as the company’s Sustainability Advisor. That has made her encourage everyone in the business to start producing sustainable goods made from reused or repurposed materials.

The fashion designer has released her very sustainable 2021 Fall Collection earliest this year. The pieces in this collection were 80% recycled or repurposed materials and show environmentally conscious manufacturing. She plans to extend this work in collaboration with Adidas.

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