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Billie Eilish Just Launched Her First Perfume, and It’s 100% Vegan


Grammy-award-winning singer Billie Eilish has launched her first-ever vegan perfume. 

The 19-year-old star has been involved in the development of her new fragrance, working with Paralux, Ltd to create cruelty-free perfume. Eilish worked with the company about the perfume’s design, campaign, and the fragrance itself. The fragrance consists of musky wood, mild spice, vanilla, and deep cocoa as a base, with red berries, mandarin, and sweetened pearls as notes.

The new perfume was inspired by Eilish’s synesthesia, which makes her feel something from a smell. The artist said in an interview that she wanted to feel a warm embrace and blood rushing through her body when smelling a perfume. She has been longing for this exact perfume and that is the main inspiration for this fragrance. 

The perfume features amber-colored bottles and can be purchased for $68 in available this November. There is early access to the fragrance for consumers that cannot wait to get hold of the products. You just need to sign up for the provided form on the website. 

An exciting collaboration

According to Paralux’s President Lori Singer, Billie Eilish is the voice of today’s generation. She has a vision that is unique to her and that they were excited to be working with the artist for this fragrance. She also stated that it was only natural for the company to collaborate with Eilish as they both can bring out the vision into real life.

Additionally, Eilish emphasizes the importance of sustainable living via her platform to talk about plant-based living and a vegan lifestyle. She has been vegan since she was 12 years old and has never stopped advocating for this cause until today. This is evident with the numerous collaborations of Eilish to different sustainable companies.

Eilish’s impact has reached the entertainment industry. During this year’s Met Gala, she specifically asked her designer to avoid using authentic fur for her dress. Also, the event featured a fully plant-based menu with Chef Marcus Samuelsson at the helm and at Eilish’s insistence. This move made the gala the first-ever publicized event without animal products on its menu.

In addition, she collaborated with Nike to launch a series of vegan shoes from the brand’s remarkable collection. There are two upcoming designs to be released which are the Air Jordan 15 and Air Jordan 1KO both are animal-free and are available in ‘ghost green.’ Nike has released a video where Eilish discusses how it’s ‘cool’ to practice sustainable living and fashion.

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