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Coming Soon to a Plate Near You: The Vegan Salmon Filet


We’ve seen the advent of numerous plant-based meats in the market, all of them mimicking the texture, taste, and even aroma of beef, chicken, and pork. But the world has yet to see – or taste – a reasonable vegan substitute for fish and other forms of seafood. An Israeli company called Plantish intends to change that – and their product may prove a viable challenger for the $586 billion global seafood industry.

Plantish’s main stock in trade is plant-based fish alternatives that beautifully mimic the flavor and texture of cooked seafood at about a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Its signature product is a whole-cut salmon filet that is made entirely out of vegetable proteins derived from beans compounded with algae extracts.

According to nutritionists involved in this breakthrough, Plantish’s vegan filet has the same nutritional values as its freshwater counterpart. But while it is protein-rich, loaded with omega-3 and omega-6 oils, and B vitamins, it is much safer than either farmed or wild salmon as it has no mercury and was produced sans the use of any antibiotics or hormones.

The company’s proprietary technology has essentially made a product that is expected to revolutionize the plant-based meats industry. Most products created to mimic seafood using vegetable proteins tend to involve mixtures with the texture of ground fish or oriental fish cakes. This product will give diners the experience of slicing and biting into a filet that is every bit as meaty and is virtually nature-identical in flavor. Plus, it may be cooked in practically all the ways salmon is normally prepared.

For a Noble Cause

But the team behind Plantish did not just create their vegan salmon to satisfy people’s appetites. The product is also their way of helping save marine wildlife and cleaning up the oceans.

According to company CEO and co-founder Ofek Ron, Plantish aims to save the oceans and considerably decrease the consumption of marine life through sustainable, nutritious, cost-effective, and tasty alternatives. It’s a goal that is quite timely, seeing how over 90% of global marine fish has already been overfished – solid proof that the fishing industry is anything but sustainable.

If Plantish plays its cards right, it can change the game and make up for $50 billion – the current value of all salmon products being sold worldwide – of the seafood industry’s current value of $586 billion. With substantial investments coming in from the likes of Michelin-starred chef and food security advocate Jose Andres, the company’s idea has people diving in, possibly for the long haul.

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