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Data Cloud Solution Snowflake Now Available in UK


American data cloud company Snowflake recently announced that it has responded to high customer demand for local data residency in the United Kingdom by making its namesake solution generally available via Microsoft Azure. 

Developed to deliver true multi-cloud availability, Snowflake will enable both private and public sector entities to deploy both data and analytical workloads in order to meet their specific critical requirements. These organizations may deploy a variety of unique features, as well as both region-to-region and cross-cloud workload data replication across their cloud providers of choice.

By doing so, Snowflake’s multi-cloud deployment capabilities can support each company’s ability to manage its operation resilience requirements even if regulatory policies change over time.

Those using the Snowflake Data Cloud via Microsoft Azure will be able to discover fresh data, securely share existing data with partners or colleagues, and even execute a diverse range of analytic workloads.

This particular platform may, indeed, be described as a dynamic, cloud-native solution featuring a range of business intelligence capabilities running the gamut from applications and collaborative tools, to cybersecurity solutions and data warehousing, to even data engineering, data science, and unistore. 

Best of all, Snowflake’s innovative per-second pricing model gives users access to virtually limitless capacity and shows its cost-effectiveness by charging them only for whichever resources are consumed.

In doing so, Snowflake supports Britain’s public and private sectors’ data localization implementations through local data clouds that will improve their compliance with laws and regulations governing the use of sensitive customer data.

Statements from Both Sides

According to Julien Alteirac, Snowflake’s area vice-president for the United Kingdom and Ireland, Snowflake’s deployment via Microsoft Azure is a reflection of its commitment to enable British companies to make the most out of cloud-based solutions whilst enjoying the benefits of data residency. He added that customers can keep their data in-country even as they enjoy the flexibility of multi-cloud deployment to push forward adaptability and innovation.

For her part, Microsoft UK’s lead for global partner solutions Orla McGrath says that the launch of Snowflake in the country through Microsoft Azure is also a reflection of their commitment to meeting their customers’ every requirement through synergetic collaboration with technological partners. 

McGrath further stated that the availability of the Snowflake Data Cloud in Microsoft UK’s data centers will help customers and partners in diverse fields become more prepared to comply with local data residency requirements even as they leverage these solutions to improve their own data and AI initiatives.

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