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Dynatrace Levels Up Enhancements for the Cloud


The Dynatrace platform has officially become the only solution that provides real-time visibility and vulnerability analytics across the entire application stack. 

The eponymous software intelligence company behind the platform recently extended a number of support solutions for vulnerability analysis. The Application Security Module, in particular, will be useful for the detection of and protection from vulnerabilities in several runtime environments, including Java Virtual Machine (JVM,) .NET CLR, and Node.js runtime.

Additional support has also been extended to applications running in Go, a simple open-source programming language. Go is currently one of the fastest-growing programming languages and is being adopted by many companies and individual programmers.

A timely response

According to Steve Tack, Dynatrace’s senior vice-president for product management, the extension is their response to how the number of vulnerable entry points has continued to grow over time. Indeed, vulnerabilities can hit applications from any point within the supply chain, even open-source components, third-party components, and application runtimes.

Through the extension of the Application Security Module to support runtimes in the most widely-used or adopted programming languages, the Dynatrace platform now delivers the most comprehensive cloud application vulnerability analysis, covering all the potential entry points in working environments.

Delivering on the promise of continuous innovation

According to Luca Domenella, head of cloud operations and development operations at Soldo, Dynatrace’s application security solutions make it possible to bring continuous innovation to customers through comprehensive visibility and analytics throughout a complex application ecosystem. 

These ensure that vulnerabilities cannot adversely affect secure DevOps lifecycles and enable those managing them to understand the risk and impact of vulnerabilities like Log4Shell. 

The module also automatically prioritizes the necessary steps for resolving risks, making risk and vulnerability assessment modalities more efficient, thus decreasing time wasted on triaging alerts.

A comprehensive solution

The Application Security Module includes custom code, both open-source and third-party libraries, language and container runtimes, as well as container orchestrators.

In doing so, the platform can automatically identify all vulnerabilities across all layers within the stack, as well as perform analyses for the provision of actionable and accurate answers. 

In turn, enables development and security teams to properly assess risks, effectively deal with threats, and provide a more secure environment for innovation.

Tack added that the accuracy of traditional methods concerning surfacing runtime vulnerabilities or analyzing potential exploitability is no longer reliable. In this case, Dynatrace’s the only solution that can truly help development teams to focus on remediating the most impactful vulnerabilities faster and more accurately.

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