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Experts: Nuclear Power Key to Global Energy Security


A new document framed within the agenda of the recently-concluded COP27 Climate Conference in Egypt is calling upon decision makers to acknowledge and support initiatives related to nuclear power generation as a way of reducing the world’s dependence on fossil fuels, as well as a way to ease its transition into a carbon-free economy.

A composite statement on the new document presented how the current geopolitical situation has raised awareness as to the world’s need for a more resilient energy system that is not reliant on carbon-based fuels, nor on the largesse of nations rich in resources like natural gas and crude oil. It went on to say that the security and sufficiency of generated energy across the world and enabling citizens and businesses to pay reasonable prices for it are matters that need to be worked on by governments across the globe.

The aforementioned statement was authored and signed by representatives from the Canadian Nuclear Association, the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum, the USA’s Nuclear Energy Institute, the UK’s Nuclear Industry Association, Nucleareurope, the Romanian Atomic Forum, and the World Nuclear Association.

Signatories assured global policymakers that they would work hand in hand with them in order to implement their vision of a safe, nuclear-powered future. The said organizations would also work with relevant groups within the global financial community and other industrial / commercial stakeholders in order to ensure the easy and efficient transition to clean energy, a secure supply of power, as well as its provision at affordable prices to benefit everyone.

Nuclear Power as a Reliable Alternative

The document further stated that there was a need to design more resilient power strategies, specifically those anchored upon low-carbon power sources that could withstand economic or industrial issues but also be safe enough to ensure the well-being of citizens and the unimpeded growth of individual economies..

In which case, organizations that signed the document want the doors opened for investments in new-build nuclear technology to increase the nuclear sector’s contribution to the global power supply by 2030. They also called for further research and the implementation of innovative technologies on a global scale, as well as maximizing nuclear power’s non-electrical applications which include industrial and community heating, desalination of seawater into potable water, and the clean production of hydrogen.

In return, signatories claimed that they would ensure that the benefits of nuclear power would be maximized at every step in the global supply chain, keeping in mind the environmental, social, and economic benefits that this solution to the energy crisis would have on all stakeholders involved.

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