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Google Cloud is Renault’s Cloud Provider of Choice


France’s Renault Group recently extended the coverage of the long-term cloud agreement they signed with tech giant Google back in 2020.

Two years ago, the French automaker called upon Google to boost its in-house data aggregation platform in terms of efficiency and development. The said platform is what the company uses to connect to its 2,500-terminal strong global network which currently has 22 sites around the world. 

Renault added that it meant to draw upon its tech partner’s expertise to improve the technical skill set of its in-house team, utilizing a number of cloud-centric training and enablement programs. 

An Expanded Partnership

In the expanded technical agreement, Renault and Google are set to enter a new phase wherein the pace of the former’s digital transformation initiatives which include the eventual migration of its whole operational model to the cloud.

This working relationship with Google will help drive Renault’s software-defined vehicle (SDV) strategy, a series of joint initiatives that will help the company roll out more innovative in-car services to customers.

As de Meo puts it, electronic architecture in 21st century carmaking is becoming increasingly complex and is being driven forward by customer expectations where sophistication and functionality are concerned. 

A shared IT platform will be paired with constant over the air updates and streamlined access to vehicular data to ensure the transformation of Renault’s product line into something that can anticipate the future needs of its customers.

Changing the Game

Renault Group CEO Luca de Meo says that the partnership with Google is more than just another technical collaboration. Indeed, he refers to it as a partnership between champions in the fields of software and transportation, one where they join forces to change the game through capacity-building technologies.

De Meo added that working with Google will help his company speed up the digital transformation of its operations. He hopes that the implementation of innovative cloud technologies can drive progress throughout the process from automotive design to eventually marketing a finished product. Likewise, the improvements that Google Cloud can bring to Renault will be translated into additional value for the latter’s customers.

For their part, Alphabet / Google CEO Sundar Pichai believes that his company’s cloud tech partnership with Renault has been instrumental in the improvement of comfort, safety, and connectivity of its vehicles on the road. Likewise, the expanded partnership will continue to drive Renault’s digital transformation forward through cloud solutions, artificial intelligence, and Android-specific applications.

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