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Google Establishes New Cloud Region to Meet Growing Global Demand


Google is best known for its innovative approach to online interaction. The latest initiative from its Google Cloud team is expected to bring these technological solutions to the people of Norway.

Google Cloud is set to amp up its services by bringing its first cloud region to Norway, enabling the company to deliver the goods to its customers securely and efficiently.

According to Google Norway country director Tine Austvoll Jensen, establishing a new cloud region in the country is the company’s way of increasing its investment in technological infrastructure within the Scandinavian region. 

Likewise, it enables Google to establish stronger partnerships with local companies by delivering on its promise of drawing together enterprise and consumer ecosystems through numerous platforms, including the cloud, its primary search engine, and even through its streaming media platform YouTube. 

A High-Performance Cloud

Kjell Arne Yttervik, Google Cloud’s country manager in Norway, remarked that the new cloud region is expected to deliver high-performance, low-latency services to organizations and companies within the region. In doing so, Google enables these entities to maintain security at the highest possible levels, as well as compliance with global quality standards for tech performance and data residency.

Yttervik added that Google looks forward to interacting with its customers in the region to ensure that the cloud region has solutions that fit their specific needs. In this way, Google teams up with locals to create more opportunities for both economic growth and sustainable innovation.

A statement from Google also advised the public that the Norway cloud region will be matched annually by 100% renewable power. The team behind it also hopes to operate the cloud using green energy around the clock by 2030. This would provide local users with clean and sustainable power with which to operate their businesses.

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