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Here Are The 7 Top Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2022


It’s safe to assume that we do not yet see the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI) as transformative tech. But for Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, we can feel more of its impact as years pass. So in 2022, here are the 7 leading AI trends to expect.

AI trends to color 2022

  1. Augmented workforce

The fear of automation has always been abundantly clear from the time humans invented machines. Anxieties over robots taking over human tasks and contributing to large-scale redundancy have been extensively documented. However, in 2022, it’s expected that the workforce will experience massive changes as people need to work alongside machines. 

Whether in marketing or engineering, machines and AI will be required as we sift through huge amounts of data for decision-making and action. Smart tools are already with us as we speak, and more will emerge to help us become more productive and efficient at jobs. 

  1. Improved language modeling

As it is, language modeling has helped us deal with coding, text predictions, and more. It facilitates human-machine interaction by transforming human languages into computer code. Recently, the most advanced language model called GPT-3 developed by OpenAI can process more than 175 billion parameters. Already, the company is working on a subsequent model GPT-4.

  1. AI-powered cybersecurity

Cybercrimes have been on the rise of late. The severity and scope of its economic damage have led to the World Economic Forum’s designation of cybercrime as potentially worse than terrorism. Moreover, as we become an increasingly digitalized global society, the losses to be had with cybercrime attacks can be catastrophic. In this regard, AI has the power to enhance the fight against cybercrime through network traffic analysis, pattern recognition, and smart algorithms. 

  1. AI and the Metaverse

The harmonized digital environment where users can play and work together is called the metaverse. Beyond the Internet, it is a digital environment that offers user-created immersive experiences. Mark Zuckerberg presented an initial concept – as a virtual environment where virtual and social reality mix. AI can enhance the concept of the metaverse by assisting in recreational or creative activities.

  1. Low- to no-code AI

There is currently a shortage of AI engineers able to overcome the complexity of code and algorithms. However, the development of low- to no-code solutions can solve this problem. Like drag-and-drop website builders, the zero-code AI systems work by feeding data into a blend of pre-made modules. 

  1. Autonomous vehicles

Tesla has done it, and its competitors are following suit. AI runs autonomous cars, considered the brains of this technology. Autonomous vehicles and aircraft hope to minimize human error and reduce accident rates. By 2022, autonomous vehicles are expected to have complete self-driving capability.

  1. Creative AI

Machines doing creative work? In 2022, experts say it’s entirely possible. Google Brain and new AI models such as GPT-4 will help enhance the creative functioning machines, so much so that they will be able to write headlines, design logos, and create infographics. 

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