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HP Enterprise Set to Acquire IT Operations Management Firm


Hewlett Packard has a new ace up its sleeve for enterprise clients as it recently agreed to acquire IT operations management company OpsRamp. In doing so, HP Enterprise will be able to reduce the complexity of its multi-vendor and multi-cloud environments by integrating OpsRamp’s hybrid digital operations technology into its GreenLake hybrid cloud platform.

According to HP Enterprise’s chief technology officer Fidelma Russo, the company’s clients are challenged by the need to manage a number of diverse cloud environments paired with an array of operational tools and models. These, in turn, are what spikes the complexity as well as the cost of digital operations management on the enterprise level.

Integrating OpsRamp technologies into the GreenLake platform will remove a number of barriers and, in doing so, give clients an integrated edge-to-cloud platform they could manage more effectively and use to transform multi-vendor and multi-cloud IT estates. 

What Exactly Does OpsRamp Bring to the Table?

For OpsRamp CEO Varma Kunaparaju, the integration of his company’s hybrid digital operations management solutions with HP Enterprise’s GreenLake will transform it into a highly desirable offering for companies that want to become more innovative as they grow in a more complex, multi-cloud environment.

OpsRamp essentially monitors, observes, automates, and manages IT infrastructure, cloud resources, workloads, and applications for both hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

The technologies that will become part of HP Enterprise’s GreenLake platform were developed to deliver discovery, monitoring, automation, and event resolution with artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps). When integrated into the platform, these will provide end-to-end visibility, observability, and control across hybrid and multi-cloud IT environments.

Beyond GreenLake, OpsRamp technologies will also extend HP Enterprise’s service portfolio into the delivery of end-to-end support for both hybrid and multi-cloud IT environments. This will help customers manage heterogeneous cloud environments more efficiently, with the added benefit of reducing the cost of operation while enhancing the user experience for their employees and partners. 

Among the capabilities available are the automation and streamlining of manual procedures via AIOps, consolidation of multi-vendor tools, as well as significant improvements in terms of incident remediation.

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