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Intruder Now a Google Cloud Partner


Cybersecurity solutions developer Intruder recently became the latest tech firm to become part of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program.

In doing so, many organizations that already use the company’s solutions can now monitor their cloud systems for any potential breaches or vulnerabilities in a much easier – and more efficient – manner as they can connect Intruder with Google Cloud to keep assets in sync.

What Does This Mean for Intruder Customers?

As one of Google’s newest tech partners, Intruder presents a number of solutions for customers who deploy multiple assets into their cloud accounts.

For one thing, Intruder’s vulnerability management and attack surface monitoring toolkit makes keeping track of cloud systems much easier for organizations and has the additional benefit of enabling them to pinpoint any changes or unknown assets that could pose a risk to system security.

CloudBot is another key feature that discovers new cloud services when they are exposed to the internet. Once the exposure is detected, the bot performs an automatic vulnerability scan without being prompted by manual intervention. As a result, any vulnerabilities are immediately identified and resolved to prevent further breaches and data loss.

A Trusted Partner

For Intruder chief exec Chris Wallis, becoming a part of the Google Cloud ecosystem and a trusted tech partner means that he and his team can collaborate with the people at Google to provide a simpler way to give organizations the necessary agility to cope with evolving systems along with the highest level of security for their respective clouds.

Wallis went on to say that the partnership gives his customers the assurance that their cloud accounts will remain secure and protected.

Kim Lasseter, global director for the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program, enthusiastically welcomed Intruder to the program’s ecosystem. Lasseter added that this partnership gives Intruder customers access to a full array of innovative solutions to retain the overall integrity of their cloud systems.

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