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IRA Opponent Kemp Calls Out Biden Admin for Taking Credit for State Success on EV


It was only meant to be a groundbreaking ceremony for Anovion Technologies’ new graphite refinery in Georgia, but state Governor Brian Kemp took it as an opportunity to tell the Biden administration off for taking credit for Georgia’s success in drawing in electric vehicle (EV)-centric investments for nearly three years.

At the event held on Tuesday, June 27th, the outspoken Republican declared that the EV boom in Georgia is due to the way it has been sought out by tech firms who appreciate how conducive the state’s business climate is for innovation, investment, expansion, and even relocation. 

Kemp deliberately pointed out that it is not because of any inducements on the part of the federal government. To illustrate his point, he reminded the audience that two major initiatives – Rivian Automotive’s $5 billion manufacturing facility to the east of Atlanta and Hyundai’s $5.5 EV assembly facility near Savannah – were approved well before the President signed off on the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA.)

For nearly four years now, Georgia has greatly benefited from the countrywide boom in EV investment and development. Today, the state is host to over 40 EV-centric initiatives that have pledged a collective investment of around $22.7 billion and are set to add 28,400 employment opportunities to the state job market.

A Deliberate Insult

Those who attended the event claim that Kemp’s speech was deliberately done on a partisan slant, given how his potential political rival, Democratic senator Jon Ossoff, would also be in attendance.

In contrast to Kemp, Ossoff has been one of the most visible supporters of the current administration’s policies on EVs. The latter was even quick to correct Kemp by saying the influx of green investments into Georgia would not be possible if not for policies put in place by Democrats.

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