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Ivanti Points Out Challenges of Hybrid Work in the 2023 Report


Diverse IT platform developer Ivanti recently released the results of its 2023 report Elevating the Future of Everywhere Work which revealed a number of issues faced by both IT and cybersecurity professionals as the world makes a palpable shift to hybrid and virtual work two years after the pandemic forced organizations to rethink their workplace settings.

The provider of the Ivanti Neurons IT automation platform worked with a number of experts on the future of the workplace and surveyed around 8,400 office workers, C-level executives, and IT professionals from different countries in order to gain vital insights on how both organizations and employees view the concepts of hybrid and virtual work. 

The study enabled researchers to understand evolving attitudes, expectations, and challenges posed by today’s work setups, at a time when employees want more flexibility in terms of working time and workspaces, but their companies aren’t necessarily equipped to deliver what they want.

Crucial Findings

Based on the study’s findings, it turned out that 71% of employees the world over want more control over where and when they work – something which has not changed since Ivanti released its 2022 report.

However, it was noted that employers and employees appear to be at an impasse as to who defines the working hours, manner of work, and even the working location.

To date, while more than 70% of all employees surveyed want to work in a hybrid setting or have more flexible arrangements with regard to work, onl;y 43% are able to work in their locations of choice. Likewise, it was also noted that the benefits and flexibility of Everywhere Work has yet to be fully democratized as many corporate executives either cannot or refuse to enable flexibility wherever possible within their organizations.

According to Ivanti CEO Jeff Abbott, such executives – and, consequently, their organizations – will not experience the advantages posed by a more engaged and productive workforce. Abbott went on to say that while attracting and keeping the best talents will remain a priority for corporate executives, firms that opt to embrace the Everywhere Work mindset and support its tech stack will come to have a more sustainable competitive advantage over time.

Rethinking the 21st-Century Workplace

Even before the pandemic drove companies into rethinking their working environments and shifting to a work-from-home scenario, employees throughout the world have been asking for a different way of doing things. 

For the most part, people want to protect their personal time by eliminating the most irksome aspects of on-site work which include long commutes, long hours away from their families, as well as the adverse impact of the daily grind on their physical and mental health.

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