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MessageGears Concludes $62M Funding Round


Atlanta, GA-based customer interaction platform MessageGears recently completed its $62 million fundraising round to support its ongoing expansion initiatives. 

Led by Long Ridge Equity Partners, the proceeds from this most recent round brings the company’s total funding to around $80 million. Other parties investing in the company include the Argentum Group and Atlanta Ventures.

Given that MessageGears’ platform offers features like the personalization of marketing initiatives as well as customer segmentation, the proceeds of this most recent round will be used for initiatives geared towards improving its measures for personalizing brand experiences. In doing so, the company hopes to enhance its mobile channel capabilities and expand its presence across the globe. 

Likewise, this financial infusion will also explore potential acquisitions that will enable the company to speed up innovation on the platform.

What Exactly Does MessageGears Do?

Currently, MessageGears is commonly used to deliver marketing and branding missives across email, text, and other online channels, utilizing warehoused data.

The platform has also been hailed as a viable solution for large-scale enterprises with a keen aptitude for data management and security but don’t want to shift their data into vendor-controlled systems.

Humble Beginnings and Lofty Goals

MessageGears was founded in 2010 by former Accucast chief technology officer Dan Roy who sought solutions to the challenges companies face shifting from on-premises models to software as a service (SaaS) solutions. He developed a hybrid approach that directly accesses a brand’s first-party data instead of depending on synced data in the cloud.

This unique approach has enabled major consumer brands to rapidly and accurately broadcast dynamic marketing messages at high volumes. 

MessageGears also has the distinction of being the first warehouse-native customer engagement platform, which means it was specifically created for very large enterprises catering to millions of customers. In its current iteration, the platform features email marketing, testing, optimization, and marketing automation. 

In doing so, it has facilitated the establishment of more meaningful and profitable customer relationships for users as it easily adjusts to evolving consumer expectations.

While the platform’s chief users are marketing teams, its merits are constantly touted by marketing operations personnel and data teams during the procurement process. For tech personnel, MessageGears can help their companies deliver world-class marketing campaigns without compromising data security in terms of syncing and lag time. The platform also empowers marketing professionals with the flexibility to grow their target markets and develop campaigns.

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