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New Capabilities Added to VMWare Tanzu and Aria Platforms


In a bid to empower its customers further, VMware presents a slew of new capabilities for its VMware Tanzu and VMware Aria platforms. These new features bring a smarter approach to delivering applications across any cloud.

According to VMware’s general manager and senior vice-president Pumima Padmanabhan, the company expedited the development of these new features to help customers push for innovation within their organizations while optimizing every step involved in application development and cloud management. 

In doing so, these capabilities will allow customers to speed up their innovation process while managing cost, security, and performance all at once.

Padmanabhan added that they also considered taking new approaches around common cloud-native application platforms, given how enterprise-level clients are hard-pressed to find a balance among multiple tools, teams, clouds, and operating models even as they work to keep developers productive and equip their operations teams to keep up the pace.

What’s New in Tanzu?

Among the new capabilities built into Tanzu Application Platform, 1.5 are features crafted with developer tooling in mind. This will allow companies to build more software and be able to deploy them faster and more securely.

Along with secure and pre-paved golden paths, this latest iteration of the platform offers enhanced end-to-end app security, a streamlined experience for both developers and platform engineers, as well as expanded support for the most common third-party integrations. Tanzu Application Platform 1.5 comes with AWS QuickStart, expanded support for Azure users, along with an expanded range of security tools such as auto-configuration of Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations also gets a serious upgrade for security, choice, and operational efficiency throughout any cloud. Tanzu Mission Control, on the other hand, can now support full lifecycle management of both new and existing AWS EKS clusters.

What’s New in Aria

Several innovations have been introduced throughout the VMware Aria platform and these are meant to help cloud operations teams maximize their use of multi-cloud capabilities thanks to smarter insights regarding distributed environments. Among the new additions are Aria Hub powered by Aria Graph, Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth, and Aria Guardrails.

Likewise, Google Cloud support has been added to VMware Aria Hub Free Tier on top of existing support solutions for AWS and Azure.

VMware Aria Cost has also been enhanced with support measures for Alibaba Cloud for the sake of multi-cloud cost management. This will allow both users and partners to streamline their decision-making process as it will give them insights into Alibaba Cloud costs and usage in a single platform.

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