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New Swedish Foreign Affairs Head Says Nuclear Power May Reduce Dependence on Russian Fuel


Sweden’s recently installed Minister of Foreign Affairs Tobias Billström believes that it is high time that his country considers nuclear power as the most likely alternative to fossil fuels and natural gas, as well as a way to wean its dependence on fuel imports, specifically from Russia.

With Europe on the cusp of a heating crisis as winter creeps in, Billström stated that he wants to see more nuclear reactors being built in Sweden to address its needs for safe, clean, secure, and reasonably priced power. 

Sweden may finance any initiatives advancing nuclear power through a credit system, but it is also coordinating with several private corporations to pay for the construction of new reactors.

Billström added that European nations ought to see how their long-term dependence on Russian oil and gas has placed them in a very precarious situation. The lack of fuel supplies from Russia due to the ongoing economic embargo against the country has led to soaring energy rates in different parts of the EU. 

He said that the aggressive way Russia continues its attacks on Ukraine has already had a severely adverse impact on the regional economy and, if it does not relent, may lead to economic disaster in the region unless nations find alternatives to imported fuel.

Interestingly enough, Sweden isn’t dependent on fuel imports from Russia. However, its government is concerned about the current Russian government’s antagonistic stance against other nations and, as a result, has sought membership in NATO.

A Controversial Alternative

Sweden’s decision to consider the use of nuclear power is a timely one, as the price of power generation has risen alarmingly in light of the economic sanctions imposed against Russia in the wake of its invasion of Ukraine and its aggressive reduction of gas exports to the rest of the region. Currently, Russia’s Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which carried gas to part of the EU, has been shut down indefinitely.

In general, however, the use of nuclear power as an alternative to conventional power generation methods remains a controversial topic throughout much of the region. While France has opted to keep some of its aging nuclear power plants open in light of plans to build new plants, Germany has remained firm on its decision to shun nuclear energy.

The country is in the process of shutting down its nuclear power facilities. Indeed, German Minister of State Tobias Lindner went so far as to say that resistance against nuclear energy was well-ingrained in Germany’s DNA.

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