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Oracle Cloud Finalizes Reorganization


Streamlined operations anchored on four pillars are what Oracle expects following the recent reorganization of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) unit. 

In an internal email sent to unit employees, OCI head Clay Magouryk declared that the consolidation of different technical teams under a single organization makes it easier for Oracle to bring together various elements of its cloud platform into an operational whole.

OCI operations now focus on infrastructure, security and developer services, data and emerging services, and core platforms. Indeed, the unit has essentially reinforced its position as the prime focus of many of Oracle’s planned initiatives for the next several years.

A Departure and a Replacement

However, not all of OCI’s stalwarts will be around to see how the reorganized unit progresses. Matt Ryanczak, Oracle’s senior vice-president for technical operations and support and a long-time proponent of the company’s cloud initiatives, tendered his immediate resignation and will be taking a position with payment gateway developer Stripe.

A company veteran of six years standing, Ryanczak ran OCI’s 1,000-employee strong operations and support unit. As overall senior vice-president, he led the units responsible for handling customer issues regarding cloud products and services. He was also one of nine senior vice-presidents at the top of OCI’s 10,500-member workforce.

Ryanczak’s departure from Oracle seems somewhat ominous in light of widespread layoffs in the company, specifically in its marketing, advertising, and customer experience units. However, sources close to the departing executive say his departure is in no way related to this development, nor are any layoffs occurring within OCI.

Dru Borden, Oracle vice-president of software development for the public cloud, is slated to take over Ryanczak’s position as head of the operations and support teams. He will be under Jae Evans, Oracle’s chief information officer.

Likewise, OCI senior vice-president Greg Pavilik will be the head of OCI Infrastructure and core services. He will be reporting directly to Magouryk.

Other Upheavals

Borden and Pavlik aren’t the only executives who find themselves in new positions within the company.

Ofer Michael officially replaced Pavlik as the head of the company’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) unit. Cameron Bahar, Bev Crair, and Vithal Shirodkar, respective heads of the network, storage, and data center teams, all report to him.

Likewise, Jeppe Larsen’s identity unit now reports to security and developer team leader Mahesh Thiagarajan as the two units have been brought together into a single entity.

The same situation applies to Managed Cloud Services and the Oracle Advanced Customer Services units, which have been brought together under the leadership of vice-president for software development Brian Feinstein.

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