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Pininfarina Raises Awareness on Plastics Recycling at This Year’s Milan Design Week


Italian car design firm Pininfarina is set to improve public awareness on plastic recycling and repurposing through a responsive artistic installation titled URBAN LOUNGE

The piece will be displayed along with other unique and thought-provoking works at RoGUILTLESSPLASTIC, a global art project curated by renowned design expert Rossana Orlandi. The event is part of this year’s Milan Design Week.

An exploratory piece

The unique design of the URBAN LOUNGE is in keeping with its base concept as a responsive public space that maximizes the local climate in order to optimize the comfort of attendees or top of several active microclimate mitigation initiatives.

It was created to explore how to utilize outdoor spaces in cities in the ongoing fight against climate change. As such, the structure transforms its location into a comfortable outdoor space through active and passive strategies that adjust to local climate conditions such as solar radiation, wind speed, humidity, and air quality. 

In essence, it serves as a large-scale air purifier that enables those around it to breathe healthier air even for a short period of time.

Functional art and a vocal statement

The premise behind URBAN LOUNGE plays on the concept that plastic is not the main reason for pollution. Rather, the true cause is the way it is abused and misused.cIn which case, the installation is geared towards heightening awareness on zero-waste practices and changing people’s minds through intelligent design.

The installation’s structure is made up of a curated mix of both recycled and recyclable plastics. It is divided into three key components: a large-scale air purifier, a water mister, and a circadian lighting system. In essence, it calls to mind a huge tree. This was a deliberate move on the design team as it illustrates the bond between the natural world and modern technology.

How does it work?

URBAN LOUNGE‘s air purifier component essentially filters through ambient air, absorbing potentially harmful pollutants and toxins. 

The built-in nebulizer device improves ambient humidity to encourage plant growth within the space and naturally cool the surroundings. Meanwhile, a play on light, sound, and relevant imagery is expected to heighten visitors’ awareness of how to be more conscious about how they use and dispose of plastics.

Pininfarina’s URBAN LOUNGE is a collaborative initiative between the design firm and technical partners Indexlab, Eco2zone, Exgineering and Design Differente, and Eurocooling.

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