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SaaS Startup McEasy Wants to Modernize Logistics for Indonesian SMEs


An Indonesian software as a service (SaaS) startup has set itself the goal of digitizing the country’s old-fashioned logistics systems to help local small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs.)

SaaS company McEasy introduced a software-driven smart tracker they call the Vehicle Smart Management System (VSMS), which is now being used by passenger bus companies, freight forwarding services, and refrigerated car companies to help monitor their respective fleets on the road. The company also offers mobility SaaS which digitizes vehicles to make real-time tracking easier, as well as other solutions geared towards business efficiency along with an API ecosystem.

But McEasy isn’t stopping there. The company recently closed a Series A funding round led by local venture capital firm East Ventures which raised $6.5 million and will be put into developing SME-centric logistics products. In doing so, McEasy is expected to get a much stronger foothold among SMEs in Indonesia’s Tier2 and Tier3 cities.

East Ventures co-founder Wilson Cuaca is optimistic about McEasy’s endeavors, going so far as to say that the SaaS firm has grown considerably in the post-pandemic scene by combining logistics and technology to improve its product offerings and expand its scope throughout the country.

Persuading a Stubborn Industry

According to McEasy co-founder Raymond Sutjiono, most Indonesian B2B logistics players still use old and outdated methods. Indeed, over 85% of all businesses, particularly in transportation and supply chain management, still use paper ledgers in their operations, even in critical areas like managing staff, monitoring expenses, fuel consumption, and route efficiency. 

By creating digital solutions for the sector, the company hopes to improve the business process in terms of accuracy, efficiency, and timeliness. But it has not been easy as many companies balk at the notion of shifting to digital systems. McEasy has, nevertheless, persevered, drawing in companies one at a time by offering free trials and growing its business by word-of-mouth testimonials.

Another Feather in the Cap

If McEasy’s latest investment pays off, it will certainly revolutionize logistics in Indonesia and make a substantial difference among the country’s SMEs.

This will also cement McEasy’s reputation as one of the country’s most forward-thinking startups. Currently, the company already serves over 200 clients, including MGM Bosco Logistics, the Tanto Intim Line, and KMDI Logistics.

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