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Snowflake Rolls Out New Cybersecurity Workload 


Data cloud firm Snowflake has unveiled its newest cloud solution to support cybersecurity teams in protecting their enterprises. The Data Cloud combines Snowflake’s own platform and a vast ecosystem of partners to provide better security capabilities.

Omer Singer, cybersecurity strategy head, explained that through this new security workload, teams can get “ a clearer picture of evolving risks and threats coming their way.” 

This development comes at a time when organizations continually face threats. Singer stated that 55% of security professionals reported their organization having a security breach or threat with respect to third-party providers and supply chains within the previous year. 

Unfortunately, existing security architecture based on legacy security and information management systems (SIEMs) cannot cope with the volume and variety of data to prevent cyber threats. Moreover, they demand prohibitive ingest costs, proprietary query languages, and inadequate retention windows. As a result, security teams reduce the real-time visibility needed to protect their enterprises.

What does the new cybersecurity workload do?

According to Snowflake, customers can expect many things from the new cybersecurity workload. For example, they can natively handle all types of logs, taking advantage of the Snowflake platform’s power and elasticity. Aside from that, customers now have access to years worth of high-volume data and receive insights via erstwhile private preview languages like Python and SQL.

Snowflake’s Cybersecurity workload can also integrate an organization’s security and enterprise data into one source. As a result, teams acquired unified visibility on their security environment, removing data silos and eliminating retention costs or restrictive data ingests. Aside from detecting and responding to threats, the new cybersecurity workload also includes cloud security, security compliance, vulnerability management, and others. 

Some organizations have already decided to invest in Snowflake’s Data Cloud for their long-term cybersecurity strategy. For instance, travel-focused expense management solution TripActions’ Prabhath Karanth said choosing Snowflake as their “security lake” simplified their security architecture and eliminated data management overhead. The result is faster and more unified incident response.

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