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Solar Power Set to Become Primary Global Power Source by 2050

SOlar Power Worldwide

Recent findings by a joint team of researchers at the University of Exeter and their counterparts at University College London have officially debunked naysayers’ claims that a full-on shift to renewable power is impossible. Indeed, the studies show that it isn’t just doable, but the most recent projections point out that solar power could become the world’s primary power source in just over two decades.

According to Dr. Femke Nijsse, a complexity scientist specializing in climate, energy, and economic models at the University of Exeter, current projections wherein fossil fuels remain the primary power source have been rendered all but obsolete by the slow but steady adoption of renewable power initiatives throughout the world.

Nissje explained that the teams used a tri-model approach to track positive feedback regarding renewables. Based on the findings generated, the use of solar power, specifically photovoltaic cells, will rank highest among the generation methods in use by 2050.

The report also pointed out that, thanks to a growing number of investments into related technologies, the use of solar power is gaining ground among decision-makers. This isn’t just because of the way solar energy is so widely available, but new technologies are proving to be more economically viable than those currently used for generating and storing power for wide-ranging use.

Furthermore, researchers say that the use of solar power worldwide has passed a point of no return, so to speak, and is well on its way to dominating the global power scene, regardless of future climate change-related policies.

However, what could stand in the way of solar’s full adoption into the global energy generation mainstream may include resistance on the part of corporate entities known to shun environmental reports, along with a lack of funding for related initiatives in the developing world.

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