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Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp Launches Vegan Nutella


Noah Schnapp is famous for his role in Stranger Things, but now is also making a name in sustainability. The 17-year-old actor has started his own vegan brand for nutella. 

Asked about what promoted this endeavor, the star explained that he noticed something unpleasant with the infamous hazelnut spread Nutella:  it includes sugar and palm oil as ingredients. Because of this unhealthy component, he began to release his own vegan version of Nutella called TBH. 

TBH vs Classic Nutella

Aside from high levels of sugar and palm oil in the hazelnut spread, the classic Nutella also includes skim milk as an ingredient. To avoid that, TBH has launched an alternative hazelnut spread: a viable, healthy, and tasty option made primarily to cater to Gen Z consumers. 

To create the brand TBH, Schnapp collaborated with Umana Venture Studio to compete with Nutella’s continuing production of unhealthy, environmentally detrimental Nutella spread. In addition, TBH’s hazelnut spread will consist of 6g protein, 14g net carbohydrates and less than 50% sugar than Nutella’s. 

TBH, derived from the slang ‘to be honest,’ was inspired by honesty and transparency with people’s daily consumption and changing it for the better. Schnapp said that he has been eating hazelnut spread from a young age but didn’t know it was unhealthy. Additionally, since he was young, he did not realize that the habit was actually harming the environment. 

Sustainable and eco-friendly hazelnut spread

When he noticed this, he developed the idea of creating sustainable and environmentally-friendly hazelnut cocoa spreads that will help lessen environmental crises and promote vegan eating.

The Stranger Things actor said he is processing the production of the hazelnut spread that has almost similar taste and feel of the original. TBH’s hazelnut cocoa spread was recently released on November 1st this year on the brand’s website. It will also be available at Showfields, New York City, and Miami retail stores. 

Aside from the product’s vegan status, the company would also like to give attention to its distribution procedures which involves fully using sustainable packaging, resourced and repurposed recycled materials to encourage others to do the same. The company also pledges on planting trees 20 times more than the amount of trees being cut down to make the boxes for the products.

A report from First Insight has discovered that most Gen Z consumers prefer buying from sustainable brands even if it is 10% more expensive than the less sustainable products. This motivated Schnapp’s launching of a very inspiring vegan brand. 

The actor emphasized how transparency plays an essential part in modern urbanization. Because of this, he believes TBH will gain traction and continue to grow as one of the rising sustainable companies in the market.

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