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TrackX Set To Improve Supply-Chain Efficiency with Automotive Client


Enterprise-grade solutions provider TrackX recently announced its foray into the automotive industry as it completed an initial implementation with a leading online automobile retailer in the United States. As of press time, the identity of the company has yet to be disclosed.

What is known about TrackX’s clients is that their core business is in automotive retail, specifically the sale, reconditioning, and delivery of second-hand vehicles. 

Best known for its software-as-a-service (SaaS) driven solutions for enterprise tracing, tracking, and collaboration, this recent development is part of TracX’s ongoing drive to expand into various fields to become a primary recording system for a number of key metrics. 

In the case of the automotive industry, these include cycle time, reconditioning performance, automobile dwell time, and inventory turn-over rates among others.

An excellent choice

The company chose TrackX as they could help create a system that would give them real-time visibility across a number of storage and processing locations. In addition, the TrackX solution created for this particular client will help potential buyers see the make and model of currently available vehicles, their status, as well as their location.

In essence, TrackX will create an automated inventory accounting system that will be both accurate and regularly updated for internal and external auditing, as well as corporate governance. The new system is seen as a boon as it will help reduce manual data collection, lower operational costs, and make the process of moving vehicles from storage to clients much easier and more efficient.

Tech for getting ahead of the competition

TrackX CEO Tim Harvie expressed a great deal of excitement at the company’s jump into the automotive scene through this strategic partnership with one of the fastest-rising companies in the industry. 

With regard to how his company’s technologies would be used in the context of online used car retail, Harvie stated that TrackX could enable their client to become a retailer of choice in a highly competitive market. 

“TrackX can help when a buyer wants a car right away and opts to purchase one from a company that can get it to where they are faster and at the lowest cost,” he said. “[Our technology] makes it possible by giving both our client and their partners the information they need to get ahead in terms of both speed and [service] quality.”

TrackX has long been a favorite among companies in various industries. It offers scalable supply chain platforms that are easily customizable to a client’s needs and compatible with various tracking technologies. TrackX also supports data aggregation throughout several locations, utilizes comprehensive analytics for greater efficiency, and can easily work with other support systems within a business.

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