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Vegan Options in Fast-Food Chains on the Rise


With the rise of vegan options in popular fast-food chains, a restaurateur predicts the future of fast food will be vegan.

Some of the most popular fast-food chains in the UK are Burger King, Greggs, KFC, McDonald’s, Nando’s, Pizza Hut, and Subway. All of them offer vegan options. It is not only about the lettuce side dishes but more about the meat alternatives, including vegan beef burgers, chicken, pepperoni, and the like.

Leading restaurateur James Lewis says that people should get used to these for “vegan is clearly the future of fast food.”

Lewis was inspired to make this comment because of what happened in Burger King located in Leicester Square. It was a promotional strategy to see if meat-free fast food was feasible. It was also an opportunity to find out which vegan options people would order.

The lead restaurateur runs two successful vegan restaurants in London with Alexis Gauthier, Michelin-star chef, as one of his partners. Lewis made a professional prediction that it is just a matter of time before vegan menus will pop up all over the country. 

He said that fast food is the best and easiest way to transition into vegan options. Though people look down on fast foods, there is no denying that these chains set the trends.

Fast Food Chains Adding More Vegan Options on the Menu

Lewis added that there is no point in starting a vegan chain since McDonald’s or other fast food can just make their own vegan burgers. This is incredibly enticing for them since growing vegetables might prove cheaper than raising animals.

This might seem unlikely, but McDonald’s is already embracing vegan options after the success of their McPlant burger. Beth Hart, McDonald’s spokesperson, speculated that the menu in their fast-food chain would experience drastic changes. Specifically, people will find more plant-based options. However, she also added that it is not about influencing more people to go meat-free but rather about offering alternatives.

About adding meat-free options to fast food menus, Greggs CEO Roger Whiteside announced that they would make vegan versions of their bestsellers. They launched sausages, bean, and cheese melts, sausage sandwiches, vegan steak bakes, ham and cheese baguettes, and chicken following the success of their vegan sausage roll.

There is no denying the rising demand for plant-based options, and fast-food chains are noticing it.

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